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  • Mr Christian Bale, a man that could launch 1000 ships!

    What to say, so many things. This man is truley original, as well as one of the most mesmerising actors to hit me in the face just by looking into those deeply soulfull eyes of his.He is more than just a man, or a great actor, he is batman,he is my super hero I've never wished to be In any other womens shoes, but I have to say I truley would love to be mrs bale for one weekend. Maybe I can book him In for the next life, he Is a man I would love to find next time round, or someone with his ethics and morals In this one.
    He really is a visually and spiritually perfect, he's real, loving, faithful, true to himself, all these attributes shine through his amazing green eyes.I wish the universe could produce more males like this one
    god bless the welsh!