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    • July 2008, Christian will star in the world premiere play Of Equal Measure at The Kirk Douglas Theatre. The play written by Tanya Barfield is set in World War I and focuses on the presidency of Woodrow Wilson seen through the eyes of an African American White House stenographer. Christian co-stars' include Michole Briana White, T. Ryder Smith, Christopher Warren and Michael T. Weiss.

    • Christian reunited with his co-star of Trick John Paul Pitoc in the movie Thank you, Good night.

    • Though he can sing, Christian isn't musically inclined when playing instruments. But for three of his movies, he would learn to play an instrument and then give it up afterwards.

      He played guitar in the tv-movie, Picture Perfect, piano inTrick and drums on Thank You, Good Night.

    • Christian was a guest star of the Column Awards gala on February 26, 2008.

    • Christian has two brothers: Alex Campbell (born in 1984) with whom he shares a father and Damien MacDonald (born in 1982) with whom he shares a mother.

    • Christian made his theatrical directing debut with Reach by William Rehor.

    • Christian won the Outstanding Performance NYMTF in 2006 for the play Drift. The play concentrates on the life of David Harris played by Christian Campbell and the devastating divorce he is going through.

    • Christian is a citizen of Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom.

    • Christian met his ex-wife actress Erin Matthews while they were both performing in Reefer Madness.

    • Christian's younger sister is Neve Campbell (Scream).

    • Christian starred in the stage version of Reefer Madness for more than three years, he reprised his role of Jimmy Harper for the tv movie version of the play. For the stage version he won Best Actor in 2000 from the Drama Critics Circle Awards and Christian was nominated for a Satellite Award in 2005 for the television version of the musical.

    • Christian Campbell was in the tv movie Banshee with Taryn Manning. He played a DJ who is a little more than he seems.

    • Christian's height is 5' 9" (1.75 m).

  • Quotes

    • Christian: (On what kind of show he thought The Book of Daniel was) This is the thinking man's family show; it's for people who know how to think for themselves and don't need to be told how to believe one particular thing or another.

    • Christian: (On producing and how he loves it) I enjoy giving opportunities to creative people whose work I respect. That's the nice thing about producing: having faith in someone and getting them the work.

    • Christian: (Explaining that for him typecasting shouldn't happen and the fear of it doesn't influence him when he's picking his roles) I'm an actor, and I want to act. If I'm a good enough actor, I won't get pegged. I've played roles all over the spectrum, and I know that I'm capable of doing that. For me, it's the quality of the material.

    • Christian: (Responding to a question about the call to boycott The Book of Daniel in 2006) A lot of Americans do not like to be told what to watch or NOT to watch.

    • Christian: (On what he was thinking when he took on the role of Gabriel in Trick) When I took the project, first of all, I was happy to have a job. I felt I was making just a movie that was a little indie flick. It had a lot of heart, but I didn't think it was going to go anywhere, frankly. They shot in New York for a tiny budget and on the fly.

    • Christian: (On how he became closer to his sister Neve) Our father got custody of Neve and me at the time of the divorce, when I was 5. When I was 13, I moved in with my mother - and that's when Neve and I got close. Before that, we fought like cats and dogs. Once I moved, we realized how much we meant to one another.

    • Christian: (On what drew him to his character in The Book of Daniel) What I liked about Peter Webster is he's not a clichéd character. Especially in terms of a gay character on television, there's nothing cliché about him.

    • Christian: (Commenting on some rumours saying that there was talk of a sequel for the movie Trick) No one has mentioned a sequel, and I'm in contact with Jim Fall. In some ways, it's good to just leave those characters where they are and let people wonder whatever happened to them.

    • Christian: (On why he prefers stage work to movie and television) It's easier for me to be on the stage boards; TV and film can be boring. There's a lot of downtime and waiting. You wait for cameras to be reloaded, lights to be adjusted and so on.