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Christian Evans

Christian Evans


Columbia, South Carolina, USA

Birth Name

Christian Victoria Evans


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Being a huge Tyra Banks fan, being eliminated first was a huge disappointment to Christian Evans, 19 year old contestant from Columbia, South Carolina. After the show, she returned to her previous job, being a bank teller. She has done interviews with IGN for America's Next Top Model.


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • She describes herself as "open-minded" and "unpredictable."

    • In her first and only photoshoot for America's Next Top Model, Christian portrayed the stereotype of "model turned actress".

    • Christian's role model is Tyra Banks. In her audition, they asked her to do 3 typical Tyra poses, which she did perfectly leaving the judges in awe.

    • She was the 1st to be off ANTM Cycle 7 because they considered that she only gave one pose for her first photoshoot and that her personality wasn't popping through the picture.

    • Before she went into modeling, Christian was a bank teller.

  • Quotes

    • (talking about Brooke)
      Christian: Brooke is the All-American girl, blond hair, blue eyes, apple pie, kind of girl next door. I'm not sure that the industry is looking for that right now, but she is a very beautiful girl.

    • Christian: If given the chance I most definitely would come back. It only gives me more opportunity to improve myself and gives me more of a leg up. I believe I showed what I could do, but at the same time, I think they cut me short. We come here trying to become super models; we are not already professional models. It was kind of hard to have the experience cut off so early; we come here to learn and to grow. This whole experience is to learn how to make better pictures and learn about clothing.

    • (talking about Anchal)
      Christian: Anchal is one of the girls in the house that I was really close with and I think she is very beautiful. She just needs have more self confidence.

    • (what is most important when modeling)
      Christian: To stay true to myself.

    • (on fellow contestant on "America's Next Top Model" Monique spilling water on the bed)
      Christian: I think Monique was wrong in doing what she did. Everyone was getting along fine before we got in the house, but that is when it got real and people started to get nervous. I never had any problems with anyone while I was there. I think that girls just start to fight for the spotlight.

    • Christian: I'm diving totally into modeling and want everyone to be looking out for me on the runway as I make a name for myself.

    • Christian: When I go to casting calls, I usually where my hair pulled back and jeans and a nice tank top, but for this judging, I went opposite of what I usually do. I got really nervous thinking that what I usually do wasn't go enough, but then that ended up not being what they wanted. That showed me that regardless of where you are going or what you are doing, you always need to be true to yourself because that is what got you that far.

    • Christian: I am not a Tyra wannabee. When I came into the interview, they asked me what models I looked up to. Of course, one of my answers was Tyra, so they asked if I could do Tyra's poses. I did not come in trying to be Tyra Banks; I was only doing what they asked me to do.

    • (on why she was eliminated first from "America's Next Top Model)
      Christian: I wasn't sure if I was grasping the concept.

    • Christian: Runway has always been my forte. I rule the runway.

    • Christian: I'm the type of person that wants to do a bit of every single thing I can get my hands on. I'm very unpredictable.

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  • Wow! The new Christian Evans!

    Check out Christian Evans now! She is burning the tv screen up! She has appeared on the Master Chef Show-Las Vegas Entertainers show as Cleopatra, BET's Player Awards, and today (10/27/15) The Ellen Show "PC Does Whaat?! segment! She is absolutely beautiful and has grown so much since ANTM!