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  • Country meets acting

    I really liked him and the fact that he was kind of a country singer who was also an actor. It was an interesting combo, that even got a little nod on his stint as Lindsey on the series Angel. I always got that sort of country guy farm boy vibe off him from minute one. You really felt like it was part of who he was and slipped a little bit of himself into every performance. I remember him very easily, though he hasn't been in to many main title roles. Shows skill.
  • very good singer...

    I loved it when he sang 'the la song' in angel and thought he was extremely good. This is my favorite angel song. I haven't seen him in any other program but thought he acted very well in angel. I loved it when he had his hand cut off in the last episode of season 1 angel and liked the fact that hand jokes came up everytime he saw angel. He is a good singer and also good looking. I think his role in angel should have been bigger and it should have included more of him singing and showing off his amazing talents.
  • So proud to be a Kaniac!!!

    Christian Kane is a talented man. In fact I don't know if there is anything this man can't do. He's a country singer, an actor and he can cook! I love everything he does. He is the total package! :)
  • Honesty is his poicy

    Christian Kane is the only honest singer/songwriter I've ever come across, 'Drinking to Drink' is proof of that Ha Ha :)
  • Sexiest man alive

    Christian Kane has more talent than any other person I've ever heard of, he's intelligent, acts, sings, writes songs, looks good no matter what they 'style' he's in and that's the least of his abilities, and he can cook too :)
  • Man-of_many-talents!

    Singer, songwriter, actor, stuntman, philantrophist, cook... this man-of-many-talents does it all and with enormous passion! Currently filming the second season of #TheLibrarians he also has his cooking show coming up, please check it out on and enjoy!
  • Amazing Man

    is an amazing man! He Cooks. I am excited about his new cooking What more can you ask is perfection and I am a Kaniac for ever!
  • Amazing voice.

    I was thinking to write the review on this incredible man, but I realized I could not write these things here. No way. The only thing I can write is that I love this man since I saw him in Angel, I was absorbed, then is he also sings, and I love it as it does have a fantastic voice. The songs are addictive and I looked for all. I'm a fan of Leverage and I'm very excited because it was apparently going to do a second season. Great. I did not lose any episode. You keep up the good, you're the bomb.
  • Baby you are hot, super fine you have it all, you can sing, heart throb and be tough. You need to be a bigger star. We will see to that. I just hope you are as down to earth as you seem to be and not stuck on yourself.

    The show is OK, Christian is the bomb man. What if I don't have more to say about it than that. I guess I could just do this :) xxxxx xxx x x xxx x x x xxx x x x x x x x xxx x xxxx xx xxxx x x x xx x x x xx x x x x x xxxx x xx x x x xxx x x x x x x xxxxxx x x xx x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x xx x x
  • he look great and i am happy to see him on a tv show again

    i miss him for a while because when angel went off the air i was so sad but now i am happy to see him on the new tv show leverage and i am happy to see a lot of familiar faces i hope everyone watches this tv show because its funny and at times action packed and i hope everyone watch it cause i get a kick out of it and i am glad christian kane is in the tv show hes gonna make it to the really big time and i love that theres women on the show.

    He is almost like the perfect guy! He's a good actor, a good singer, so handsome, and everything! I first saw him in Angel and I thought he did such an AWESOME job as Lindsey! I liked him in Season 5. I also saw him in Summer Catch, Life or Something Like It, Just Married, Taxi, Her Minor Thing, and Keep Your Distance. And I can't wait until Death Walks the Streets and Hide come out! He has a band called Kane, and I don't have a CD yet but I hope to get one very soon, he's a wonderful singer! HE'S SO AWESOMEEE!
  • Best actor & singer in the world!!!!!!!

    Christian Kane is by far my fav actor & singer. He was great in angel, which is where i first saw him. I was a little disappointed that he was not in every episode of close to home & that he wasn't able to show his true talent. He was really good in the film just married & his new film her minor thing (which i havn't seen yet) should be just as good. I really love his singing voice & I hope to see him at a concert some time in the future. Overall Christian is so talented & gorgeous, i just hope everyone can see more of him in the future.
  • There is more than one way to classify Christian Kane!! He's mostly known as a co-star in Hollywood...but he sure does stand out!!

    I've been a fan of Christian Kane since I was twelve years old...and that was back in the year 2000!!

    When trying to decide how to "Classify Christian Kane"...this was tough...Christian Kane can be classified in more than one way. To most of Hollywood and in most of his movies, however, he usually is the co-star, but he is the MORE TALANTED co-star!! In all of his work, he clearly stands out (such as, in the WB's Angel, playing the recurring bad-boy lawyer, Lindsey McDonald) and does shine more than some of his more-famous co-stars!! (And believe me, he's worked with some of the greats! Robert Duvall, Michael Caine, and Angelina Jolie, to name a few). But even though he's mostly been a co-star, he has had some very successful lead roles in some of his movies and TV series.

    Christian Kane is a very talented actor (and musician, in fact! check out his country/rock band KANE at, and is a man that deserves more spotlight. And I believe that with his starring role in the new CBS drama "Close To Home", he will get the recognition he deserves.

    But there's more to him than just talent...he also has a very amazing personality!! He's extremely down to earth, personable, and loves his fans for supporting him...and I speak from personal experience!!

    Look out for this name in the future...Christian Kane is sure to become a huge star!!


  • All I can say is, \"Dear Santa\":....Beautiful,charming,talented.

    I would love to see more of Christian soon. The only thing that exceeds his talents is his beautiful face. I hope he\'s offered more leading roles soon, I can\'t get enough of him. It seems he\'s been out-of-pocket for a good while. As Lindsey on Angel(one of my favs.), I have to say he plays a very convincing\" bad boy\". Bad boys can be good if, they are only naughty and not evil. Christian seems to be more naughty...Must be the eyes..More of this sweetness please..