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  • There is more than one way to classify Christian Kane!! He's mostly known as a co-star in Hollywood...but he sure does stand out!!

    I've been a fan of Christian Kane since I was twelve years old...and that was back in the year 2000!!

    When trying to decide how to "Classify Christian Kane"...this was tough...Christian Kane can be classified in more than one way. To most of Hollywood and in most of his movies, however, he usually is the co-star, but he is the MORE TALANTED co-star!! In all of his work, he clearly stands out (such as, in the WB's Angel, playing the recurring bad-boy lawyer, Lindsey McDonald) and does shine more than some of his more-famous co-stars!! (And believe me, he's worked with some of the greats! Robert Duvall, Michael Caine, and Angelina Jolie, to name a few). But even though he's mostly been a co-star, he has had some very successful lead roles in some of his movies and TV series.

    Christian Kane is a very talented actor (and musician, in fact! check out his country/rock band KANE at, and is a man that deserves more spotlight. And I believe that with his starring role in the new CBS drama "Close To Home", he will get the recognition he deserves.

    But there's more to him than just talent...he also has a very amazing personality!! He's extremely down to earth, personable, and loves his fans for supporting him...and I speak from personal experience!!

    Look out for this name in the future...Christian Kane is sure to become a huge star!!