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  • Trivia

    • Christian likes to spend his free time (although there is not much of it) snowboarding, surfing, reading, scuba diving, traveling and hanging out at Venice Beach.

    • In 2003 Christian juggled working on a big pilot episode for a series on ABC while writing two feature films.

    • Christian won the gold metal at the Student Academy Awards for his thesis film, "The Lady in Waiting."

    • Some of the most well-known quotes in all of "Lost" (Such as: "Live Together, Die Alone" and "Every Man for Himself") came from the episode that Christian wrote.

    • Chritian not only wrote Showboy but he also plays the lead part also, which happens to be himself.

    • Showboy (one of Christian's productions) won, "Best Film" at the Milan International Film Festival.

    • At the British Independent Film Awards, Showboy (which is a film that Christian wrote) won the Douglas Hickox Award.

    • The first person to discover, or the first person to his talents, was producer Kevin Clarke who was compelled by his boyish appearance.

    • Christian Taylor graduated from New York University Film School in 1993.

    • Christian Taylor has the same name as a college football player.

  • Quotes

    • Christian Taylor: I came for School (New York University) and stayed for work. America is becoming a very interesting place right now.

    • Christian Taylor: Vegas is like no place on earth. It's completely fake and real at the same time.

    • Christian Taylor: I did make a movie about me, and I did play me. Kinda.

    • Christian Taylor: I've been asked to be the next James Bond.

    • Christian Taylor: Art is dead. We need to start the revolution!

    • Christian Taylor: I know the world would be a much darker place without Socrates, Harvey Milk, Oscar Wilde, Leonardo da Vinci, James Baldwin, Dietrich, Ginsberg, Navratilova, Nureyev, Pasolini. ... Should I go on?

  • Great original, talented writer!

    What a great guy! He just does everything, from writing screen plays to writing movies this guy just rocks! I love to look at everything that he does because it is not only amusing it is a great and joyful experience. Another one of his greatest accomplishments is "Lost" The only episode that he has written was not only great, numerous different quotes from that episode were used throughout the whole show! I love to watch the episode that he wrote and I just love to se anything that he has ever written in general, he is a great guy and I cant wait to watch some more of his fabulous work. Keep it coming Christian!moreless