Christian Taylor


Christian Taylor Trivia


  • Trivia

    • Christian likes to spend his free time (although there is not much of it) snowboarding, surfing, reading, scuba diving, traveling and hanging out at Venice Beach.

    • In 2003 Christian juggled working on a big pilot episode for a series on ABC while writing two feature films.

    • Christian won the gold metal at the Student Academy Awards for his thesis film, "The Lady in Waiting."

    • Some of the most well-known quotes in all of "Lost" (Such as: "Live Together, Die Alone" and "Every Man for Himself") came from the episode that Christian wrote.

    • Chritian not only wrote Showboy but he also plays the lead part also, which happens to be himself.

    • Showboy (one of Christian's productions) won, "Best Film" at the Milan International Film Festival.

    • At the British Independent Film Awards, Showboy (which is a film that Christian wrote) won the Douglas Hickox Award.

    • The first person to discover, or the first person to his talents, was producer Kevin Clarke who was compelled by his boyish appearance.

    • Christian Taylor graduated from New York University Film School in 1993.

    • Christian Taylor has the same name as a college football player.

  • Quotes

    • Christian Taylor: I came for School (New York University) and stayed for work. America is becoming a very interesting place right now.

    • Christian Taylor: Vegas is like no place on earth. It's completely fake and real at the same time.

    • Christian Taylor: I did make a movie about me, and I did play me. Kinda.

    • Christian Taylor: I've been asked to be the next James Bond.

    • Christian Taylor: Art is dead. We need to start the revolution!

    • Christian Taylor: I know the world would be a much darker place without Socrates, Harvey Milk, Oscar Wilde, Leonardo da Vinci, James Baldwin, Dietrich, Ginsberg, Navratilova, Nureyev, Pasolini. ... Should I go on?