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Christian Williams

Christian Williams

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  • Christian Williams is me my name is christian williams And I like to do alot of things with my family.

    Christian williams Likes to play video games how do I know I am him I am Christian Williams I am going to tell you about me.

    I have brown hair, brown eyes, i am 50 centemeters i\'m a little short.

    I am not an actor, but I\'m A person I have a family of Nine I was named after christ that is why my name is Christian it\'s kind of cool having a name after an actor.

    I like My favorite video game is resident evil 4.

    I can\'t play it any more until I get a cord for my gamecube.

    I really need a cord, and a memory card I lost my memory card already so I can\'t play that game until I get one.

    That is all about me My name is Christian Williams.moreless