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    • Christie: I'm in no rush to have kids, but I'm thinking about it more and more because my friends are dropping like flies. We'll probably be the last of our group and that's fine. I'm 32, so I've got another year to say, 'Let's wait another year' - and we're having the time of our lives right now.

    • Christie: (on returning to Days Of Our Lives) It's awesome. I love my crew right now. There's not a bad seed in the bunch. There's a good vibe on the show. There's lots of laughing. We're grown up and have a respect for the job and each other. We know we have a good thing.

    • Christie: (the attraction to her husband) His lips! When Tom talks, he has this Elvis lip thing, and he has an English accent, which kills me to this day - it's five years now! He can dance, cook and he's incredibly smart, sexy and funny. When I asked for the whole package, I got it!

    • Christie: (what she thinks of Aussies) They were very friendly. They reminded me of the men and women in California. They're health-conscious with a casual attitude because the sun was shining all the time.