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  • Christie Duran CAIN FUND - BEWARE of this scam run by ex-reality TV 'star' of Starting Over who is currently taking money from fans to support herself.

    Beware of Christie Duran's Raising Cain Fund. She claims the money she collects will be going to her 12 year old brother's college education. Christie runs a myspace website that has attracted fans who are donating to this bogus fund.

    Christie refuses to provide the details of this charity/fund and is actively collecting money that she is using to live on. Christie is unemployed. Christie is a self-professed alcoholic and drug addict, supposedly recovering.

    Starting Over was a daytime reality show for women with goals to improve their lives. Most have succeeded to take the lessons learned to do just that. However, Christie Duran has tainted the whole premise of Starting Over by shamelessly scamming her fans. Hopefully, the suckers who bought her junk on eBay and have outright donated money to the Cain Fund will not feel too upset to know it's not even a legal charity or fund. Christie refuses to provide details although she has been asked many times via her myspace website.

    Rhonda Britten was her life coach on Starting Over. Hopefully, she above anyone else, can stop Christie from deceiving the very fans that are now working to get this cancelled show renewed for another season. Until then, beware of donating to any fund, especially those created by a televsion ex-reality show 'star'.

    Christie Duran currently has three websites that are actively promoting her Cain Fund.moreless
  • Christie Duran is promoting herself as a successful Starting Over \\\\\\\'graduate\\\\\\\'. Not true.

    Christie Duran was on the daytime reality show, Starting Over, supposedly to work out her struggles with her negative body image. It didn\\\\\\\'t happen unfortunately. If Christie had been more truthful perhaps she would have made more progress.

    Her whole intent on the show was to promote herself for future money-making adventures.

    Christie had all the resources to honestly face her challenges including that 5K she takes credit for organizing.

    The truth is, she emotionally fell apart and her fellow housemates had to step in and complete her tasks, one after the other. There are many episodes where all Christie did was cry and whine to get others to help her. Extremely sad to watch her regress into an over-emotional spoiled child because the show is (was? not sure if it\\\\\\\'s been cancelled or not) a place for serious women open to positive change.

    Christie Duran was not devoted to changing anything except her financial and social life. My opinion is Christie needed to face her drug addiction and alcohol problems with professional help, not bogus tv \\\\\\\'life coaches\\\\\\\'.

    Christie is a reality \\\\\\\'star\\\\\\\' now. And \\\\\\\'star\\\\\\\' was her goal so, in that respect she succeeded, but I read now she\\\\\\\'s being promoted as an \\\\\\\'inspirational\\\\\\\' speaker by a new company signing on ex-reality tv castmembers. Christie needs a job to support herself as she has admitted she\\\\\\\'s \\\\\\\'broke\\\\\\\' on Starting Over. How does running around to reality star events and socializing on a website equate to success or how is that \\\\\\\'inspirational\\\\\\\'?

    Christie needs to get herself a real JOB, go back to rehab and stick with an AA 12-step program.moreless