Christie Hemme





10/28/1980 , Los Angeles, CA

Birth Name

Christina Lee Hemme




Hemme started out her career in WWE as a Diva on RAW ; before this, she had participated in the Super Bowl-spoofing "2004 Lingerie Bowl" pay-per-view show. WWE writers eventually placed her on-screen persona (as a highly enthusiastic and energetic cheerleader-type) in a storyline feud with WWE Women's Champion Trish Stratus. After being "trained" by Lita (a top female performer), the plotline culminated in Hemme's challenging for the title -- at WrestleMania 21. The match, which was Hemme's solo wrestling debut, ended in Christy losing to Trish.

In June 2005, she would be in another feud, this time with heel character Victoria. A controversial moment happened when an angry Victoria smashed a glass vase against Christy's head, knocking her cold (in a storyline sense). This storyline built up to that year's WWE Vengeance PPV, where she lost to Victoria.

After a storyline alliance with Eugene (a mentally-retarded face character) was cut short, Hemme was traded to SmackDown!. She and veteran Diva Stacy Keibler were switched with Torrie Wilson and Candice Michelle. Her first match on the show was a victory in a Lingerie Pillow Fight match with Keibler. While the match was not allowed to start by "Network Representative Palmer Cannon", it aired on

Christy would go on to feud with Melina, "manager" for the MNM tag-team. In this plotline, Hemme was the face manager of the "new" Legion of Doom tag-team. It climaxed at 2005's WWE No Mercy PPV, where Hemme helped the Legion of Doom win a 6-person "inter-gender" tag-team match. She executed the L.O.D.'s "Doomsday Device" finishing move on Melina, to get the pin. On the November 14, 2005 special edition of RAW, a.k.a. the Eddie Guerrero tribute show, Christy performed in a Diva battle royal against all the divas from RAW and SmackDown!. A week later, she lost to Melina in a televised one-on-one match.

Christy Hemme next appeared in WWE's training ground, Ohio Valley Wrestling, at the November 30, 2005 O.V.W. TV show tapings in Louisville. She was involved in an angle with Matt Cappotelli, against Aaron Stevens, Beth Phoenix and Shelly Martinez. In her OVW television debut, she aided Matt Cappotelli by taking out Beth Phoenix and Shelly Martinez. She and Cappotelli then cut a promo together. On the show that aired December 10, Christy and Cappotelli defeated Stevens, Phoenix and Martinez in a three-on-two handicap match. Afterwards Johnny Jeter attacked them both, and Christy's character was sent home in an ambulance.

On December 5, 2005, Christy announced on her official website that she would be training full-time in OVW. However, a day later, announced that she had been released from her contract. While Internet rumors suggested Christy Hemme was fired for acting "inappropriately" towards wrestler Triple H, her account of the release attributed the firing to budget cuts.

After WWE,
Christy competed as a quarterback for the Chicago Bliss in a Lingerie Bowl playoff game on January 28, 2006.