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  • Great singer. Leave her alone about her weight.

    Go away now please.
  • Christina Aguilera: May Not Return To The Voice

    31-year-old blonde singer Christina Aguilera stepped down from her judging position on the talent show with fellow judge Cee Lo Green last month - but had promised to return for season five. However, Christina revealed in a recent interview with Access Hollywood that her return is far from confirmed and she will she how things go. "We'll see where everything goes," she said. "But I definitely know that I have to step away from it for a second so that I can regenerate my own artistry and get back to what my ultimate love is." Aguilera also spoke about her new album, Lotus, to the entertainment website, which is due to be released on 13th November. "[It's about] embracing everything about the person that I've grown to be since the last record," she said."A lot of changes have gone down - I'm a coach, etc."
  • Great all around voice.

    No wonder she is a recurring hit! This extraordinaire has a superb, strong singing voice AND a witty personality that NATURALLY shows on TV. She is explosive in emotions when performing, a dancer with pizazz on stage, and a sweet, charismatic voice when she is interviewed or hosting a tv show. She is THE ultimate entertainer.
  • Her angelic voice and her strong precense in the media have rocked the world for a decade now.

    Christina Aguilera was born on December 18, 1980. She started out on Disney with some of the all time greats ( Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake). After that her hit song " Genie in a bottle " she attracted millions. Christina was made a star since her first album. I think her first songs ' Genie in a bottle ' and ' What a girl wants ' didn't exactly reflect the best she could do but then she shocked me when ' Dirty ' and ' Fighter ' were released because those songs were going to change the innocent, sweet girl Chritina into Xtina. Dirty was one of the sexiest and dirtiest songs at the time and the video gave Christina the title Xtina. Also the song ' Fighter ' which encouraged female strength became a worldwide hit. Other songs like ' Beautiful ' were also really popular. Then came Christina's " Back to Basics " album which has some of her best work. The notes and vocals she showed off in this album are phenomenal. " Candyman ", " Hurt" and " Aint no other man " were on the top of the charts for months. Christina's voice went from awww to hot to best voice this century. Not only did she give us some of the best songs to listen to when we are down and upset but she also gave us some " shake your butt " worthy songs. Christina is one of the best and not only is she a worldwide icon and diva....she's also a mother now.
  • Four words: What-an-amazing-voice. Even Britney Spears admitted it. She can really hit those notes:) I can't even do that!

    Christina is just the coolest! She has an amazing voice and a great life. She might've been a little crazy in her video "Dirrty" but she's really good. My favorite songs of hers are: Tell Me(ft. Diddy), Dirrty(ft. Redman), Fighter, Hurt, Ain't no other man, and Candyman. I can't wait until her new CD. All of them are good. Not only does she have a good voice, but she's also really pretty. And she's a really good mom to her son, Max. She was also really cool on The Mickey Mouse Club. I just think she's awesome and I hope she continues to be so cool.
  • What a comeback!

    Well, after her album 'Stripped' where she showed her chaovic side, she came back with her new double album 'Back To Basics' which has a mix of the old jazz sounds. Although, I thought that I won't like her new songs, the minute I heard 'Ain't No Other Man' and 'Hurt' I knew I was wrong. Her comeback was very powerfull. She lost her babyface and innocence and showed her voice which is way more powerfull than ever! Go Xtina!
  • Chritina is perfect!!! She is one of my favourite actrisses!!! Really, I don't understand some of U guys.... She has sooo great voice possibility!! Can U hear her?! I adore her!!! Perfect, the best!!! I love her songs!

    Christina Aguilera is one of my fave actrisses!!! And it's because, she really can sing! Great voice possibility, perfect!!! I adore her!!! Everybody would like to have a voice like her!!! And her songs are cool! I loooooooove her new album 'Back to Bacsis', really great! And she looks fantastic!!! I love sooo many her songs: Hurt, Pero me acuerdo de ti, Ain't no other man, I turn to you,... And all other songs!!! She is actually my personal favourite!!!!!
  • What are you guys talking about!? This girls crazy...

    Ya\'ll must be out of your mind, Christina Aguilera is a crazy singer, she has a beautiful voice and is TALENTED. Of course we don\'t care what you guys think, not everyones gunna love her not everyones guna hate her, but personally whats there to hate ? oh that Dirrty music video she did a while back, get over it.. She wrote a new song Still dirrty that you can listen to, it does mean a lot and im glad Christina\'s the only singer that gets out there and sings about negativity. All girls are jelious of other girls, why not just be comfortable with who you are and get out there and enjoy the world, ladies stop pretending! =) love christina with my heart and soul
  • she's okay but not the best

    i think she is a tad overrated. people say she's the best artist of are time but all she has is a nice voice. if you look at it in the early days she was singing poppy songs just like britney was and she was dancing just like britney was and now she's showing a little more skin in her videos just like britney did and i think she shows a lot more then britney does personally. i just dont know why everyone likes her alot more then they like britney. just because you have a good voice dosn't mean your the best.
  • Christina rox my sox!

    She is not who some people think she is. I have tons of pictures and they all show her with different style. Speaking of her style, that's what I like about her. Her style is 100 percent unique and trendy. She is aan independent woman who doesn't care what other people think about her. I am glad she is happy with Jordan Bratman and wanna see her be really successful. She deserves everything she has done and I know everyone likes her. I like her new look. I think it is way better than the old one. Christina Aguilera rocks!
  • Ignore her "sluttiness" and you'll see the beauty inside just by listening to her lyrics.

    People don't see her music, they just see her dancing with bikinis. Personally, I don't like slutty singers. But she is differen't. I guess this is called "slutty and talented".

    Her music is great. Don't always remind yourself of "Dirrty", listen to "Beautiful", "The Voice Within" and "I'm Okay". Just from the lyrics, it shows that she has gone through much more pain then any other pop singers. She was criticised for being who she is and being proud of her body. "Beautiful" is the international conforting song that effects everybody. She's just another dimbo, she has feelings and she is more talented then all you guys think.

    Looking through most of the pop singers, Christina Aguilera clearly is the best. Her vocals and her voices are nicely controlled. Have you heard her do the high note? She is really amazing. Not only she CAN sing, she's probably the only singer of all pop culture to actually write her own songs and those songs she wrote actually have deep meanings.

    She's beautiful inside and out. Calling her a whore just shows you're just another person who doesn't know her. It's hard to find someone who is famous and popular now-a-days. She's a rarely talented superstar. She should be looked at differently by "you people".
  • Yes, I actually believe she is one of the all-time greats. She's here to stay and I'm loving it.

    Christina Aguilera's talent was clear when her self titled debut album came out, though it may be bubblegum pop. She was talented way before that, of course, it's just that many of us haven't gotten to hear it.

    "Stripped" is an amazing, heartfelt album (she co-wrote fourteen of the songs) that shows off her talent and gives us a look at the real her, the one who isn't perfect and doesn't really care, either. The first one is actually worth listening to as well, since it's her voice, not so much the music, that I like. If someone else sang some of her material, I might not enjoy it as much.

    No matter that she dresses the way she does; I can ignore that and even find it interesting; it's great that she's not embarrassed to dress that way. She has a talent that totally blows away Britney Spears and all the other blonde teenagers who came out with a pop album around 1999. I don't understand why early on she was compared to Britney so often (alright, it was because of their hair color, etc....I know), when she should have been compared more often to people like Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston. She has been, yes, it just seems that more often it was a comparison to someone who, next to her, had next to no talent.

    Christina may not be a role model in the way she dresses, but she's definitely a role model in that she is nobody but herself anymore, and she won't even try to be. She is a wonderful singer and had the drive to follow her dream, even though sometimes it probably seemed like she would never be able to be a singer (how could she not, with such a great voice?). Young girls look up to this, and that's a good thing, in my opinion.

    The only problem with her is that she can't seem to come up with new albums fast enough to satisfy me. :)
  • i think she has what everyone wants her talent and the voice i think people envy her that is way you say she sucks but she has to get some creit at least.

    christina aguilera is one of my personal singers she is talented and she has good music i bet she is here to stay because she writes her music with heart like so many inspiried singers i know she is a keeper. she may do sluty videos but she knows what she is doing and that is what matters.
  • Christina Aguilera strong and independent

    I think that Christina Aguilera is a strong women, who stepped out of her shell and said this is me take it or leave it. She is one of the most talented vocalist, and has made it one her ability to capture the world with her voice. Hey if she has to throw a little booty in it then that is her choose. People dont understand that if someone said, "flunt your stuff and i will give u a couple of million dollars," I would be out there to doing the same thing and not thinking twice about it.
  • Christina sucks big time!

    When she sang in Kearney, Nebraska, she wanted eight dressing rooms, fruit that wasn't in this state, and she called everyone in Nebraska hillbillies, for not having the things she wanted! Without us "hillbillies" she would be dirt poor! She can't sing to save her life, needs to put cothes on, and her hair looks like crap! People in Nebraska have better hair, dress a lot better than that slut, and everyone here is waaaaaaaay better looking than her! She doesn't look real! I think that she should quite Hollywood and GO HOME!
  • CHRiSTiNA iS GREAT! (read on.. )


    Come on people, face it - Christina is the only singer nowadays with a REAL, STRONG VOICE!! everyone else is just computerized-lip synchers! She truly has talent. Shes made it big for doing what she does best - singing. She has a truly AMAZiNG voice..and shes one of the few artists out there with natural talent. Shes a gorgeous girl who will definitley go far in the future. I cant wait to see what she does next. Shes an inspiration to all and for that she should be credited more. Shes a TRUE singer. Her songs have real meaning, not like some other crap music that seems to be all the craze these days. Shes got a very powerful voice, Shes fabulous!

    xoxo nicole
  • She is without a doubt talented, gorgeous, original, and popular.

    Christina Aguilera, in my opinion is the best female singer in the music business. There is no one in music that sounds like her. She is unique. I loe the fact that she doesnt care about what other people think. She is true to herself and is an inspiration to girls everywhere. Regardless of what she wears, she is a role model because she is teaching girls to be themselves and not to worry about what other people say. I have been completely inspired by Christina Aguilera with all of her accomplishments. I wish to someday achieve half of what shes done and that would still be alot. She is just simply talented. ;)
  • she has a very nice voice but that's about it. and its not nearly as good as celine dion's.

    she cannot dance whatsoever, and her pop songs arent nearly as catchy or good as britney's. christina is a true slut, look at her stripped album. everybody says how slutty britney is and trashy she is, well christina is the queen. queen of sluttiness (that's not word, i know.)christina cannot act, and all she has going for her is the voice. and it was britney that revolutionized the music industry and became THE GREATEST teen idol of all time, it was her that had set forth the beginnings of avril, hilary, lindsay. christina hasnt been able to and may never be able to achieve the success britney has. christina is a looser.
  • She is a true slut. She bashes everyone who is more talented, and successful than her. She isn't grateful at all, and she trashes her fans everytime she gets the chance. She cannot dance or sing, and she sounds like a dying cat. She is the same as Jessica

    Christina Aguilera is such a mean spirited person. She cannot take the fact that Britney Spears is better than her so she just bashes Britney because she is insecure about herself. She thinks too highly of herself, and is a stuck up b!tch. Britney Spears is better because she can actually sing, dance, perform, write songs, she is a nice down to earth person, doesn't bash anyone in the industry, has had 5 successful albums, and is considered a legend, and an Icon. Christina isn't even considered an icon.
  • Christina Aguilera is a woman that is here to stay. She is not only one of the best vocalists of all time, but her second record cemented her place in music history... And she did it all before the age of 30.Kudos to her for doing that.

    There are really no classification words to describe the truly breath taking and phenomenal Christina Aguilera. Christina Aguilera has a voice like no other. When this woman opens her mouth, and sound comes out that changes peoples lives. She can go to a microphone, and just open her mouth and sing. She doesn't even need all the fancy choreography and instruments, she can do it a capella and still blow everybody away. Her album "Stripped" is one of the best albums of all time. The music, lyrics, and especially the vocals on that album just blew me away, and it is high on the best albums of all time list. She has to be the greatest singer that I have ever heard in my entire life. Of course, there were some flaws. Some very huge flaws. When Christina Aguilera first burst onto the scene in August 1999, she was an eighteen-year-old young woman who sang horrendous pop music. I mean, the music is so pathetically bad that I couldn't even stand to listen to it. She changed everything with her Christmas release, proving to everyone that she was here to stay. She is now currently recording her third album, and all her fans can't wait for her to return in a couple of months.