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  • Ignore her "sluttiness" and you'll see the beauty inside just by listening to her lyrics.

    People don't see her music, they just see her dancing with bikinis. Personally, I don't like slutty singers. But she is differen't. I guess this is called "slutty and talented".

    Her music is great. Don't always remind yourself of "Dirrty", listen to "Beautiful", "The Voice Within" and "I'm Okay". Just from the lyrics, it shows that she has gone through much more pain then any other pop singers. She was criticised for being who she is and being proud of her body. "Beautiful" is the international conforting song that effects everybody. She's just another dimbo, she has feelings and she is more talented then all you guys think.

    Looking through most of the pop singers, Christina Aguilera clearly is the best. Her vocals and her voices are nicely controlled. Have you heard her do the high note? She is really amazing. Not only she CAN sing, she's probably the only singer of all pop culture to actually write her own songs and those songs she wrote actually have deep meanings.

    She's beautiful inside and out. Calling her a whore just shows you're just another person who doesn't know her. It's hard to find someone who is famous and popular now-a-days. She's a rarely talented superstar. She should be looked at differently by "you people".