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    Christina Applegate is really a talented actress that has blossomed from her role on "Married With Children." In every role she really makes you believe that she actually is the character she's portraying. This sense of realism is what makes her really stand out above the masses of the rest of actresses today. My favorite movie of her's is "Anchorman."
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    Christina Applegate is an amazing actress who portrayed the role of Kelly Bundy on the amazing comedy show "Married with Children" for years, and I believe it's the best work she's ever done. She is an amazing actress and never fails to attract viewers to the TV set when whatever she stars in is on. The only bad thing about her is that she just doesn't have much luck in the movies. I watched a lot of her movies and her performance was great, but she doesn't have the luck to star in a blockbuster. Or at least not for now. I hope a huge blockbuster comes for her soon. But still, she's a totally amazing actress. If you didn't watch her in "Married with Children," you've missed A LOT. :)
  • Fanstastic blonde actress.

    Christina is probably most fondly remembered for her role as dim blonde Kelly Bundy in the hit show Married... With Children. Of course she is a lot more than a hapless blonde, she has made numerous films, and other series such as Jesse and Friends (Rachels sister) and she is now in a new series caleld Samantha Who? in which she plays and amnesiac, and produces the show too, thus proving she is not your stereotypical blonde actress, Christina will certainly go far. Ok, some of her shows have been short lived, but hey, when you've got the talent Christina has, she'll always be employable
  • Christina Applegate does a great job in her role as Kelly Bundy in "Married...with Children."

    Christina Applegate does a superb job in her role as Kelly Bundy, the dumb and attractive daughter of Peg and Al Bundy in the sitcom "Married...With Children." She has a great voice and never fails to make me laugh in that show. I don't really know much else about her. She is very talented and should be a bigger star.
  • A woman with breath-taking looks, and talent to match!

    How to explain Christina Applegate? She is a awesome actress and I think would be and awesome person to meet in real life. There many thing that she has stared in that have been turned into instant classics such as Anchorman, The Sweetest Thing and Married....with children and the shows just would be the same without them. She has also been in such popular shows as herself as Mad TV, S.N.L, Punk'd, The Ellen DeGeneres show, The Tonight show with Jay Leno and The View. She is thirty six years old, Gorgeous and is a woman that proves that You can have it rough while been an teenager and still be one of the most wanted to be people in Hollywood.
  • She has proven over the years she can play more than just a blonde bimbo, she has played different types of roles, but one thing in common with most of them is that she is funny.

    She played a single mom and was funny in that one show she was in, she was great in the movie Mafia, and also in the movie Don't tell Mom the Babysitters dead. She has done different roles, even though her most famous and probably one of her best roles of course was as Kelly Bundy, on Married with Children. I hope she gets into another comedy movie, because she is good at that, I think that was her in that one movie, years ago it wasn't even a comedy and she was really good in that. Sorry I'm so vague with the titles, but my memory is slipping today.
  • I Love Christine!

    I fell in love with Christine Applegate the first time she appeared on "Married with children" and from there she never looked back. She's very gorgeous and i very much in love with her. You think she gorgeous, you ough look at her mother Nancy Priddy. She just as gorgeous as her mother. In mine book they're both gorgeous. I wrote to both women offering support. Today, she just finish her Broadway run and I hope she returns to television or the big screen. she was on ellen's show recently and she was still very sexy. I can't wait for her to return.
  • great..

    I think she is a good actress and I watched that E! True hollywood story DOC. I thought it was really sad what was happening with her and her mother and I thought she was really good as kelly in married with children. I thought she would be in more movies but I don't know.