Christina Chambers

Christina Chambers


10/24/1969, Alexandria, Virginia

Birth Name

Christina Mae Chambers


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Not getting a part in the Kevin Costner movie The Postman was probably the best thing to ever happen to Christina Chamber's career. Soon after she was cast as Ben's back-from-the-dead-wife, Maria, on the now defunct NBC soap opera Sunset Beach. Since the show ended in 1999, Christina…more


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    • Christina: I wasn't quite in with the popular people in high school, but then again, I wasn't quite in with any group - the popular people, the nerds. I just kind of had my own friends, and we did our thing. I wasn't in the cool crown, so to speak. But where is that cool crowd today?

    • Christina: I'm a cat person because I must have been one in a past life. I could just curl up in the sun all day while someone rubs my head.

    • Christina: I had my hair styled like Jaclyn Smith all through high school, parted down the center, flipped back, oh, yeah...I was hot.

    • Christina: I did a print ad for Dr. Scholl's where I had to jump over a table in a pair of shoes for 10 hours. I literally could not walk the next day!

    • Christina: My husband is a fabulous civilian, not in the business, and where he works it's just not the easiest thing to up and leave.

  • From the moment I saw Christina Chambers on the NBC/Spelling network soap Sunset Beach took an instant liking to her. Her personality shines through. She'd been blessed with a beautiful angelic face.moreless

    Would love to see her in a lot more starring roles. Her role as Jacklyn Smith on the BEHIND THE CAMERA:Charlie's Angels the Unauthorized Story was spot on she looked and sounded exactly like Jacklyn, unfortunately we didn't see too much of the character.

    The same again with the film Fighting Tommy Riley, she played the very beautiful Stephenie, Tommy Riley's girlfriend, however the movie concentrated on the two male characters the boxer and his trainer, the two leading women took a back seat.

    Therefore, waiting for a film where Christina Chambers gets a lot more screen time.