Christina Cindrich





8/26/1981 , Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Birth Name

Christina Marie Cindrich




Christina Cindrich was born on August 26, 1981 and was raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She is of Croatian/Italian decent. Her father, Ralph Cindrich, a former NFL linebacker, is listed as one of the "Top 100 Most Powerful People" in all sports, and currently is in the top echelon of NFL Agents today. Her mother, Mary Rose Cindrich, is a former Miss Beaver County Junior Miss titleholder. She has one older brother, Michael. Christina was crowned Miss Pennsylvania Teen USA 1999 during her junior year in high school. A year later, she went on to compete in the nationally televised Miss Teen USA Pageant on CBS. After graduating from high school, Christina moved to Los Angeles to pursue her dreams of becoming an actress. She continued her scholarly education at Loyola Marymount University, majoring in communications. Got this bio off IMDb An odd thing happened to Christina Cindrich recently She got her fill of shopping. "I made a supermarket commercial," says Miss Pennsylvania Teen USA. "I was one of the 'happy shoppers' walking the aisles. It went on for 12 hours, all through the night." She drank a lot of coffee that night, and she finished the commercial feeling weirdly energized. But maybe it wasn't just the caffeine. "I get excited whenever I think about acting," she says. Ms. Cindrich has been studying musical theater since she was a little girl, and she hopes to become an entertainment reporter or soap opera actress. Pageants have been an ideal training ground. When she first competed unsuccessfully for her state crown, she took a hard look at how she had presented herself. "I decided my look was too sophisticated. I changed it to a more teenage look, and the next year I won." (To us, she looks like a sophisticated teenager.) Her father is Ralph Cindrich, a former pro football player and well-known sports agent, and she has been exposed to celebrities much of her life. At a Super Bowl party in Miami this year, she found herself next to flamboyant basketball star Dennis Rodman. He was well-behaved, she says, but he was sporting a truly wild party hat. "I didn't even notice if he was wearing a dress." Ms. Cindrich recently became friends with a group of very famous singers. She was a fan before she met these young men, and she admits that she's an even bigger fan now. We won't say who they are, because if we did, Ms. Cindrich would be the envy of millions of other girls. Of course, if she wins Miss Teen USA, the same thing will happen, but we can't help that. Got this bio off P a g e a n t N e w s B u r e a u