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  • Trivia

    • Christina is in post-production on the film The Deaths of Ian due for release in 2007. Her character's name is Jenny.

    • Christina left Hex at the beginning of season two as she wanted to do something different, but she stayed for three episodes for continuity reasons. Her character Cassie was replaced by a new character Ella Dee, played by Laura Pyper.

    • Christina has a younger brother and sister; Cassandra and Dominic. She is the eldest in her family.

    • Christina played a receptionist in the 2006 James Bond movie Casino Royale.

    • Christina takes the role of a younger sibling, Nora Rowley in He Knew He Was Right, who travels across the world with her older sister Emily, to be her companion and, her parents hope, to find a husband of her own once she's in London society.

    • Christina played Clarissa Payne in What a Girl Wants in 2003 with Amanda Bynes. Christina's character was the daughter of the woman Daphne's (Amanda Bynes) dad Henry (Colin Firth) was engaged to.

    • Christina is 5' 5" (1.65 m) in height.

    • Christina was a model for designer Andrea Galer's collection bridal collection, which is based in London.

    • Christina was not expecting a nude shower scene in episode two of Hex, 'Life Goes On'. She thought, though being shot nude, they were only filming from the shoulders up. Her family was outraged.

  • Quotes

    • (On 'Hex') Christina: I don't know how I got through it! I did just pace myself, I made sure I didn't have crazy nights out, my weekends were just looking over the scripts and knowing what I was doing the next week and then it was just maintaining my energy levels, lots of coffee, chocolate, being so passionate about a project I loved every single minute of it, the cast and the crew made it so easy to get through it.

    • (On her character Nora in 'He Knew He Was Right')
      Christina: Nora is passionate but calm. She is the voice of reason between her and her sister. She's very much the second child and knows when to keep her mouth shut, although she tries to give a lot of advice.

    • (On playing Cassie in 'Hex')
      Christina: I love all the levels of Cassie, but I did like playing bad assed Cassie 'cos she finds it so difficult to be herself, to find herself, to express herself, so it was quite liberating.

    • (On all the people she kissed in 'Hex')
      Christina: Yeah I get to snog a lesbian, a fallen angel, Troy, Leon, and the girl in the dream.

    • (On kissing scenes in 'Hex')
      Christina: I did try and ask for more. Jemima was best at it I think!

    • (On doing telekinesis on 'Hex')
      Christina: Well I was really worried I would be cross-eyed throughout the whole thing trying to make things move, all that straining. It was just making sure that I pin point the exact movements to match what was going to be eventually shown so it really does look like she is moving things. But it is the intention behind what she is doing that's important.

    • (On her character Cassie in 'Hex) Christina: Well it was just placing myself in that moment. She's a nobody - she has always managed to be invisible and all of a sudden there is a man following her around, and that's very scary. She has no-one to turn to, apart from Thelma, although to some extent she cannot share everything with Thelma because of the love relationship they have, so she is alone a lot of the time which is very scary.

    • Christina: The biggest challenge [about Hex] was being in every single scene and not having those moments of rest in between, but I would have said getting through those tired moments and making sure I wasn't losing my way.

    • (On being in the make up room of 'Hex')
      Christina: For about two hours. It takes just ages to get the hair and make up looking like that, worth it I think though.

    • (On playing Juliet in the Welsh National Theatre)
      Christina: It was a completely contrasting, mind-blowing experience. It was great. I had done Shakespeare at college and didn't fancy myself much as a Shakespearean actor at all. I thought, 'Oh God, I'm not very good at this.'...I thought I'd totally blown the audition and then I got a call to say I'd been offered it, I didn't even have to go back for a second time.