Christina Cox (I)

Christina Cox (I)


7/31/1971, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Birth Name

Christina Cox



Also Known As

Christina Allen Cox
  • Christina Cox on Defying Gravity.
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Christina Cox got her acting start on stage when she was in third grade. She attended the high school for performing arts where she appeared in several stage productions. While there, she landed a role in the TV series E.N.G.. She went on to attend the Ryerson Theater…more


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    • Christina Cox: (on how similar her character Jen Crane on the show Defying Gravity is to her) I remember [creator/executive producer] Jim Parriott saying she's the girl who would get on the bar at the party and pour the tequila down everybody's throat! Well, I don't think I personally have ever danced on a table. I'm afraid that if I did, the table would tip sideways and I'd end up in a cast! I only do action well on TV.

      Anyhow, I knew going in that Jen's gregarious, she speaks her mind, she's very protective of her friends, especially Zoe, Laura Harris' character. I was intrigued at the opportunity to play someone who wasn't so together, because Vicki Nelson [Cox's character on Blood Ties] was much more in control of herself. She might have been a mess under the surface, but she was definitely more buttoned-down.

      I like that Jen is warm and vulnerable. She's madly in love with her husband and is completely devoted to him. She's trying to do her job as a scientist on this ship – and then she has this revelation about what her purpose is, what everyone's purpose is. And she still comes out sane at the end of it.

    • Christina Cox: (on being the lead character in Blood Ties and an in an ensemble on Defying Gravity) Dylan Neal and Kyle Schmid on Blood Ties were amazing to work with. It was like going to acting gym every day. The chemistry between the three of us was really great, really intense. I was in almost every shot, every day of the week, on my feet, and it was an unbelievable experience.

      But this big ensemble is different. The way Defying Gravity is shot has actually influenced my performance choices because we have more time and more budget, and there are more close-ups - it means you have to change your performance.

      When you're in a big ensemble, you have to pace your story, because it's going to be told more slowly. We find out about these characters through little experiences that they have on the ship, and the way they react to them. We also go back to the mystery on this ship, and that's a big part of the character development – it presents itself differently to each of the characters, and we're going to see in pieces through the episodes how they react to it.

    • Christina Cox: (on doing more episodes of Ladycops with Liz Vassey) I was just talking to [Executive Producers,] Nancylee [Myatt] and Maeve [Quinlan, who also stars in the series,] and we're likely to sit down this summer and write a few more episodes. They were fun and well received and we had a riot doing them. We'll see if we can come up with a couple more episodes. I don't think we'll have time to do a full season or anything, but I'd like to do more.

    • Christina Cox: (on being the straight go-to actor for lesbian and bisexual roles) I tend to gravitate towards strong, fleshed out, complex women characters. It's whether the writing is there and the character and the story interest me. I ask myself, "Would be compelling to perform?"

    • Christina Cox: (on her gravitating toward and playing sci-fi or other worldly roles) Maybe I just don't fit in with the rest of humanity! No, it's part coincidence, and part that Canada [where Defying Gravity and other shows were shot] has become the go-to location for sci-fi. And a lot of my sci-fi credits are from before I moved to the States. So it looks like my passion, but it's mostly just coincidence.

    • Christina Cox: You have to set a standard for yourself within the industry that says, you know, "I don't do blow-up doll performances." Every project has to taken based on its own merits. You know, there was an assumption as soon as I did "Better Than Chocolate". Some casting director called and said, "I have this thing for Christina, blah, blah, blah, and there's this big love scene, but she's done that before so no big deal" – and it was this horrible, gratuitous… and I'm like, I don't think so!

    • Christina Cox: I started out doing theater and Shakespeare, so I want to explore that part of it. I can't say that there's any one genre of film that I want to isolate myself to because it all helps you grow as an actor, in any area.

  • Christina Cox in an unaired pilot

    In 2004 their was a pilot made for the show entitled "Nikki and Nora" starring Christina Cox and Liz Vassey that was set to air on UPN. However the episode never aired and the show never had a chance. It was about two New Orleans detectives who were partners on and off the police force. From watching the pilot I could see the show had a lot of potential. By the time I was finished watching it I wanted more. It really is a shame that it didn't get picked up. You can check the pilot out yourself at: