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  • Superb actrice!

    I really love Christina Hendricks. I usually don't idolize actors, but she deserves it. I first came across Christina in the Firefly series by Joss Whedon as Saffron, and fell absolutely in love with that character. Her acting style holds between sassy and vulnerable, so she could virtually play any character she sets her eyes on. Before the succes of Mad Men she was absolutely underrated, usually doing a few episodes for varying tv series, but since the success of her current show she has become a rising star. I usually just watch Mad Men to see scenes with Christina in them. As Joan she is everything I love about her acting; strong but vulnerable, and one can absolutely relate to her. I hope to see much more of Christina in the future!
  • Extremely underrated...

    Put it simply: Christina Hendricks is very much underrated.

    Her acting versatility allows her to play the seducer one moment, the manipulative backstabber the next, and the persuasive moral compass the next - among other roles.

    In terms of physical appearance, it's good she's bucking the lamentable trend in many young actresses, who have chosen to become walking sticks.
  • I truly believe that Christina is on the verge of greatness! She is a gorgeous and extremely talented actress. I hope we see more of her in the near future.

    I recently saw a rerun of "Our Mrs.Reynlds" episode of Firefly. It was the first episode of Firefly that I have seen and I was tremendouly impressed with the show. I was equally impressed with Ms.Hendricks part. Her range of emotions and pantomimes were amazing. I can't speak enough of her performance. It would be a shame if Hollywood overlooks Ms. Hendricks. This stunningly beautiful actress is sure to captivate audiences in the correct roll. Hopefully she is as smart as she is talented and has set high career standards.
  • One of the best actresses working today!

    I have had the pleasure of following Ms Hendrick's career for many years. Whether she is on stage, or on television she always turns in a solid performance with deep characterization and a thorough understanding of the needs of the script.

    I always think it is important for a performer to be versatile and that's what you get with Ms Hendricks. She has played a great variety of roles ranging from nun to reporter to hard bitten assassin and her performances are always suited to the character. Each character has her own voice and physicallity; something not all actors can manage. Whenever you see her name in the cast list, you can be assured of a treat. She's one of the best!