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    I can't believe it. 'Shakes head'. What a big HUGE disappointing year this season of Hell's kitchen was. Christina? The WINNER?

    WHAT?! The same Christina who didn't know how to cook in the first place? Screwed up just about ALL the time? Can someone please slap me! Now, she, of all people, is going to be making a six figure income? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? She's a complete idiot who just cried all the time for no reason. I was really shocked that ramsey didn't kick everyone off and try to find more deserving people, WHO can actually cook, and not cry ALL the F*cking time. I can't believe that someone like that will be running a million dollar restaurant here in L.A. She doesn't even fit in. She has no style, nevermind has absolutely no class.

    Myself and quite a few people this year were not pleased from the get go about the contestants. Everyone lacked one thing, COOKING SKILLS. Glad to know that I (who can cook but is not a chef) can win a million dollar restaurant.

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