Christina Moore

Christina Moore


4/12/1973, Palatine, Illinois, USA

Birth Name

Christina Moore



Also Known As

Christine Moore
  • The cast of Hawthorne.
  • The cast of Hawthorne.
  • Christina Moore as Candy Sullivan on Haw...
  • Christina Moore as Candy Sullivan on Haw...
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American television actress and comedienne Christina Moore is probably most remembered for her performances as a featured player in the comedy sketches of MADtv and as the actress who took over Lisa Robin Kelly's character, Laurie Forman, on That '70s Show. Raised in Palatine, Illinois, Christina was already…more


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    • Christina: (advice to aspiring actors) Oh boy. Go to college. If I was talking to a younger person, I think go to college. You learn how to learn and there is so much about this industry that [is] tried and true -- you have to have an agent or be a member of SAG -- but then there is so much problem-solving and so many ways of doing things that you need to be educated to figure out. It's not what I learned in college about the art of acting; it was how much I learned how to learn. I learned how to figure things out. And it gave me confidence.

    • Christina: I am the kind of person who ends up telling anyone everything they want to know about anything. I'm not good at keeping secrets about myself, but I do love the macabre. I love the idea that people are weird and people have things that go on in their lives that nobody else knows about.

    • Christina: (about her biggest challenge with playing a nurse on "Hawthorne") Using the equipment without looking like an idiot. We have nurses on set and they're always saying that actors give themselves away when they stop working to have a conversation. As a nurse you have to take a pulse, check blood pressure, talk to the patient, read off their chart and diagnose all at the same time.

    • Christina: I like to work [laughs] I wish I could be all snobby and say, 'Oh yes, I am really loving the art.' But I must admit, I do really love playing dramedy. I can't get away from comedy, it's in my makeup.

    • Christina: (summarizing her stint as a guest star on NBC shows) I got to kiss all of the good boys on NBC, that's how I would categorize it. David Spade, Mark Feuerstein, Matthew Perry...

    • Christina: (her number one beauty secret) Vitamins -- I take supplements every day and they have kept me healthy from the inside out.

    • Christina: (on the city she loves the most) Rome, Italy. I have been 3 times in the past 5 years. I can't get enough of it. I find the presence of ancient history to be comforting- calming. You just know how small you are in the history of the world standing in awe of the Pantheon.

    • Christina: (about former "That '70s Show" co-star Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore being together) I get it. I was thinking about calling Frankie Muniz and asking him out on a date. [Laughs] It would be weird if Demi looked like a 40-year-old woman from the Midwest, but she's a f*ckin' hottie. She's got a better body than I do.

    • Christina: I loved the theatre. I got into a professional theatre troupe when I was in High School. We toured around the Chicago suburbs doing musicals. It was like a 2nd family for me. There is such a kinship in the arts and I knew I wanted to be a part of it forever.

    • Christina: Comedy always comes from darkness. It is a coping mechanism. When I would tell the people I was going to school with stories about my family, I realized that some of the stuff was so ridiculous they would laugh.

    • Christina: (about her role on "Hawthorne") I've always liked something that has a tiny bit of a sense of humor. I'm not a real serious person, and I tend to bring that to whatever I do. So I like the fact that there was a little mystery - what's going on with Candy? - and also I felt like there was a lightness to her, and that made me excited.

    • Christina: (on which person she would trade her life with) Oh, that's easy - Faith Hill. I would be Faith Hill in a heartbeat. I wouldn't care to have her three kids, but [I'd love to have] her husband and her rock stardom and her fancy clothes and her shoes and all that sh*t. I spend hours and hours and hours dreaming about Faith Hill's life. I think it's the whole fairy tale-which I'm sure is not without its conflict. The husband and the kids all tour together and are crazy for each other.