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  • Extremely Talented Supporting Actor

    I have never seen any of Ms. Baranski's work. "The Good Wife" was my first introduction. I don't usually follow up on anyone on TV or the movies. Ms. Baranski's performance has given me pause and the inspiration to laud her talent and her performance. She has a very difficult role protraying Diane Lockhart but she makes you believe she is a powerful force in the court room and as a partner in the firm. It's her life and nothing else exist. She does this with grace and flair and if she were to leave the show I don't think it would survive in spite of the outstanding performance of Ms. Julianna Margulies.
  • The only reason to watch"Cybill"!

    Christine Baranski, in the co-starring role of Maryann, was the only true reason to watch the mdeiocre series "Cybill". Baranski's Maryann was just about perfect with her sarcastic wit and great comedic timing. Baranski stole every scene she was in from"the star of the show" Cybill Shepard. There were rumors flying during the run of the series that Shepard wanted Baranski fired. I guess when you are getting showed up every week by a superior talent, that it would make the "star" a bit edgy on the set. Baranski stayed, but even her considerable talent couldn't save "Cybill" from a short run!
  • Christine Baranski is an American stage and screen actress.

    Christine Baranski guest starred as a geeky Dr. Beverly Hofstadter, a bespectacled and unemotional expert in psychiatry and neural science, and Leonards mom, in a season two episode of The Big Bang Theory titled "The Maternal Capacitance", for which she received an Emmy nomination. She portrayed a librarian named Sonja Umdahl in the episode "Dick and the Single Girl" of the series 3rd Rock from the Sun. In 2009, Baranski appeared on Ugly Betty as Victoria Hartley, the haughty mother of Bettys new boyfriend. She has also been set to guest star on the USA tv show Psych for their season premiere.