Christine Cavanaugh

Christine Cavanaugh


8/16/1963, Layton, Utah, USA



Birth Name

Christine Josephine Sandberg



Also Known As

Christy Cavanuagh, Christina Cavanaugh, Chris Cavanaugh, Chris T. Cavanaugh, C. Cavanaugh, Christie Cavanaugh
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Christine Cavanaugh is the incredibly talented woman behind some of TV's best cartoon characters. Her most well known roles are Dexter, the boy genius on Dexter's Laboratory; Chuckie Finster, the perpetually terrified toddler of Rugrats; and Babe, the sheep-pig fromBabe. (Unfortunately, Christine was not Babe in the sequel,Babe:…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • why is her person score so low?

    When I looked at Christina's person score I could not beleive how low it was. She is an amazing voice actress who has provided the voice for Dexter (the lead character) on the hit TV show Dexter's Lad and the voice of Chuckie Finster (a lead character) on another hit tv show the Rugrats. Both Christina and these shows have won emmys and when ever any one reviews her they always talk about how great she is and how much character she adds to her characters so I don;t understand why her score is so low. The only reason that I can think of is that people got mad at her for leaving voice acting. Any way I'm sorry Christana, YOU ROCK!moreless
  • Good voice actress.

    Though her nasally, scratchy voice can be slightly irritating, Christine Cavanaugh is simplky a wonderful voice actress. She has voiced many characters during what I like to call "The Golden Age of Cartoons", such as Dexter, my favorite boy genius, and Chuckie Finster, my favorite Rugrat. The voices she provided for all her charactes arew well suited and have resemble the character quite well. Today, it is still a mystery why she retired from show business. Other actors such as Candi Milo and Nancy Cartwright have tried to replace her characters, but they just can't match up to Cavanaugh's legendary voice.moreless