Christine Lahti (I)





4/4/1950 , Birmingham, Michigan, USA

Birth Name

Christine Ann Lahti




Christine Lahti was born April 4, 1950, in Birmingham, MI. She graduated from Florida State University, then moved to New York City where she waited tables at the Original Improvisation and worked as a mime in Central Park. Lahti has played a series of strong female characters, including Dr. Clare Scott in Whose Life is it Anyway? and Annie Pope in Running on Empty. Known as a consummate professional, Lahti nevertheless has a sense of humor. When she won her Golden Globe award in 1998, she was in the bathroom. The next year she was a presenter for the same awards, and came out on stage with a piece of toilet paper stuck to her shoe. Christine Lahti is married to Thomas Schlamme, the television producer best known for creating The West Wing. They have three children, including the budding director, Wilson Lahti Schlamme. She has won an Oscar for Lieberman in Love, and an Emmy for her work on Chicago Hope.