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    • Christine Lakin: My mom used to say that we were corporate gypsies. My dad kept taking different jobs in telecommunications. We have lived in Georgia now for 12 years and have a great house outside of Atlanta.

    • Christine Lakin: After we moved to Atlanta I took dance (Tap and jazz) and drama classes. After a few drama classes the teacher wanted to know if my mom would be interested in sending me out on some commercials.

    • Christine Lakin: Every summer The Atlanta Workshop went to Callaway Gardens, a resort in southern Georgia, and we would do the show from there. One summer when I was in fifth grade, an agent from LA happened to be there. She liked my performance and talked to my mom, She said, "I don't know how we are going to work this out but give me your number and we'll keep in touch."
      "We did keep in touch and over spring break I went to California with my mom. I had never been there before. We went to Universal Studios, the beach, and Disneyland. All of the tourist things. We did a few auditions but nothing came of them.

    • Christine Lakin: It was even hard for me as a kid to spend the night at someone else's house. At first I thought it would be great fun, but once I got there I didn't like being with someone else's family, eating someone else's dinner, having to sleep in someone else's bed, and I couldn't go through with it. Many times I ended up calling my parents to come pick me up.

    • Christine Lakin: The thing I love about independant films is that I feel like there is a lot of leeway in terms of talking to the director and writers. There's a lot of room to sort of invent characters and make them your own.

    • Christine Lakin: My mom wasn't just my parent. For six years she would come out here with me for three weeks a month and then we would go back home for that last week. Then I would get back to school and be a normal student. I went to school on the set when I was here, but I still had to catch up with everything in Georgia.

    • Christine Lakin: I don't like kissing on camera. It's bad enough to be caught kissing by your parents. But when you have a whole crew watching you, it's a little weird.

    • Christine Lakin: We moved around a lot during the first few years of my life and the last few moves were pretty hard because I started making friends and then had to leave them.

    • Christine Lakin (on her role in the movie Who's Your Daddy?): I really loved playing Kate. The script has a wonderful witty dialogue. Just really awesome banter that I feel so many teen comedies lack.

    • Christine Lakin: My green-crocheted Kermit, everybody had bears, but I had Kermit. I still have it by my bed, but I don't sleep with it. It's there just in case.