Christine Stephen-Daly

Christine Stephen-Daly


12/5/1973, Melbourne, Victoria (Australia)

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Christine Stephen-Daly is an Australian actress who was born in Melbourne. She has appeared in several respected t.v. shows, both at home in Australia and in the UK. She first gained fame in Australian soap "Pacific Drive". Since then, she's starred in "Casualty" and "Cutting It" and has…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Although Christine escapes the vanity of commenting on her own looks, she does describe her Casualty character, Lara, as "a reluctant sex symbol" thereby suggesting she herself possesses the same physical qualities.

    • Christine respects her younger sister Emily for her successful modelling career. Well, her good looks must be down to genetics then!

    • Her nick-names on set on Casualty included such unoriginal inventions as 'Skippy' and 'Stoneface'.

    • Christine acted as a patient in an Australian medical show, in contrast to her role as Doctor Lara Stone in British show Casualty.

    • She ranked as number 63 in 'Loaded' magazine's Hot 100 Babes (2002).

    • Christine's bad habit is her cigarette addiction, also displayed on Casualty by her character, Lara.

    • Christine filmed in an old jail in Oxford, set of TV's Bad Girls when Lara was briefly in prison for several episodes in Casualty. She described it as "an amazing Victorian, gothic place with all these horrible little cells and it wasn't very pleasant filming in them."

    • Christine has also been in a number of stage productions in Australia, these are Sunshine Boys, Face to Face, Blinded by the Sun and Desire.

    • Christine moved to Britain in 2000 as a break from her constant acting - she was soon engaged in acting roles in the UK though, and has lived there since.

    • In 2001 the Sydney Daily Telegraph reported that Christine passed out during the British National TV Awards, at which she was presenting an award for best newcomer, due to a crash diet she took to squeeze herself into a Moulin Rouge-style outfit. Christine had not eaten properly for three days and had lived on cigarettes and coffee only.

    • Christine is a pro with a gun - so beware making her mad!

    • Christine has learned complicated medical jargon and says that understanding what her character's role is makes learning her lines and reciting them truthfully a much easier experience.

    • Christine became interested in acting at school, when she discovered a talent in speech and drama. Drama helped her to relieve the mundane routine of school days and so seemed an added advantage.

    • Real life Casualty experiences include having her tonsils removed at a late age, and her appendix bursting and leading to peritonitis.

    • Christine's interests include cooking and walking.

    • Until Christine was cast as Lara Stone in Casualty, she had never even seen the program.

  • Quotes

    • Christine: At the moment, I'm very happy here. I've got no plans to move back to Australia just yet. I miss Australia for the obvious reasons - climate, family, food, ease of lifestyle - but I'm loving it over here... The UK is second to none in terms of culture and history, and the excitement in both.