Christopher Eccleston

Christopher Eccleston


2/16/1964, Salford, Lancashire, England, United Kingdom

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Christopher Eccleston



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Chris Eccleston
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  • Lennon Naked
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On February 16, 1964 Christopher was born in the northwestern English town of Salford to a modest working class family.

Chris had big dreams of one day becoming a professional football player, but at the age of nineteen Chris realised that his true calling in life was…more


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      Chris is marred.

    • Christopher is the only regular not to have a submitted a commentary for an episode of Doctor Who. He did however do an interview that features on the Season 1 DVD boxset.

    • Chris is a vegetarian.

    • Christopher appeared in the first season of NBC series Heroes in 2007 as Claude, a man with the ability to turn invisible, the character name was an homage to Claude Rains, the original Invisible Man.

    • He is exactly six feet tall.

    • Eccleston sat on the Film Jury for the second Amazonas International Film Festival, in November 2005. The director Norman Jewison was chairman of the Jury.

    • Eccleston was very touched by the response he received from children from his role as Doctor Who.

    • Eccleston has older twin brothers and one, Alan Eccleston, appears in the party scene in Heart.

    • Eccleston does a lot of charity work and became a Mencap charity ambassador on 28 April 2005.

    • Eccleston is a keen marathon runner and usually enters a number of competitions each year.

    • He is unmarried and recently ended a relationship with the actress, Siwan Morris.

    • In May 2006, it was reported that Eccleston was in advanced negotiations to star in a Sky One revival of the seminal 1960s drama series "The Prisoner", as Number Six, the character originally played by series creator Patrick McGoohan. Eccleston's agent has since categorically denied these rumours.

    • Christopher Eccleston was considered for the roles of the Scarecrow in Batman Begins movie and the Joker in its sequel, The Dark Knight.

    • In May 2006, Eccleston appeared as the narrator in a production of Romeo and Juliet at The Lowry theatre in his home city of Salford.

    • In June 2005, it was announced at the Cannes Film Festival that Eccleston had signed to appear in a British-made sci-fi romantic comedy called Double Life, about a man who thinks he loves twin sisters.

    • Relatively unemployed as an actor for some years after his graduation, Eccleston took a variety of odd jobs at a supermarket, on building sites, and as an artist's model.

    • Christopher won the most popular actor award at the 11th Annual National Television Awards in London, England on October 25, 2005 for his portrayal of the Doctor. His Doctor Who co-star Billie Piper, won for most popular actress.

    • Although he agreed to do one Doctor Who Christmas Special, he was replaced by David Tennant before this played out. This is because the producers thought that the first series should have definite ending, rather than continuing into the special episode.

    • He played "Ben Jago" in Geoffrey Sax's Othello.

    • Christopher is also known as Chris Eccleston. But, he has surprisingly never been credited with that name.

    • Christopher has appeared on This Morning.

    • Christopher's first televisual appearance was in 1990 in Casualty.

    • A friend of Christopher's said that he quit Doctor Who because he was exhausted.

    • Christopher has appeared on Breakfast three times.

    • Christopher has appeared in Poirot as Frank Carter.

    • Christopher has appeared in Chancer.

    • Christopher has appeared in Boon.

    • Christopher appeared in Miss Julie as Jean in 2000 at The Haymarket Theatre.

    • Christopher has appeared in Hamlet in 2002 at the West Yorkshire Playhouse.

    • Christopher has appeared in A Street Car Named Desire on stage in 1988.

    • Christopher's Doctor has been in six Doctor Who books. These are The Clockwise Man, Winner Takes All, The Monsters Inside, The Deviant Strain, Only Human and The Stealers of Dreams.

    • He starred alongside Billie Piper, John Barrowman, Camille Coduri and Noel Clarke in Doctor Who.

    • In 2005 Christopher appeared on Top Gear.

    • Christopher played Major Henry West in 28 Days Later.

    • Christopher also likes to play tennis.

    • Christopher narrated the English version of E=mc2.

    • In 2001, Christopher appeared alongside Nicole Kidman in the film The Others. His character fought in World War II and was married to Nicole's character.

    • Christopher's first film was Blood Rights (1990).

    • Christopher has been acting since 1990.

    • Christopher has appeared in 13 episodes of Doctor Who (2005).

    • Chris was cast in Terry Gilliam's The Man Who Killed Don Quixote, but did not film any scenes. In the documentary Lost in La Mancha his photograph appears on a pinboard featuring photos of the cast.

    • Christopher has appeared in over 40 shows.

    • Christopher emailed old friend Russell T. Davies and asked to be put on the list of possibles for the title role in the revival of Doctor Who.

    • The BBC admitted that they announced Christopher's departure from Doctor Who a bit too early.

    • Christopher gave some money to help Manchester United to fend off Malcolm Glazer.

    • Christopher appeared on Breakfast in 2005 while visiting the Tsunami victims families.

    • Christopher was the first actor to play Doctor Who to be born when the show was on air.

    • Christopher's earliest memory of Doctor Who is Patrick Troughton in the black and white episodes of the late 1960's.

    • As a child, Chris initially wanted to be a football (soccer) player.

    • Chris appeared in the 1996 film Jude, and in one of his scenes he stars alongside David Tennant who has a small speaking part. Both have had the honour of playing Doctor Who.

    • Chris was so clumsy during filming of Doctor Who that at one point he actually broke one of the sonic screwdriver props!

    • Chris is a fan of Cracker in which he appeared in as DCI David Billborough.

    • Chris did voice overs for Children In Need.

    • In his spare time, Chris enjoys singing, athletics, and football.

    • At the age of 25, Chris made his professional stage debut in the Bristol Old Vic's production of A Streetcar Named Desire.

    • In 2003, Chris won the RTS Television Award for Best Actor - Male for: Flesh and Blood (2002).

    • In 1997, Chris was nominated for the Golden Satellite Award for Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture - Drama for: Jude (1996).

    • In 1997, Chris won the Broadcasting Press Guild Award for Best Actor for: Our Friends in the North (1996).

    • In 1997, Chris was nominated for the BAFTA TV Award for Best Actor for: Our Friends in the North (1996).

    • In 2004, Chris was nominated for the BAFTA TV Award for Best Actor for: The Second Coming (2003).

    • Chris narrated The Importance of Being Morrissey (2003), a documentary offering rare access to the former Smiths' frontman Steven Morrissey. The show was originally broadcast on Channel 4 in the United Kingdom in June, 2003.

    • Chris did the voice-over for the TV commercial for Help the Aged Enough-is-Enough campaign in 2005.

    • Chris appeared in indie band I Am Kloot's music video for "Dr Kloot".

    • Chris announced in March 2005 that he had decided not to continue in the role of The Doctor due to fears of being typecasted.

    • Chris is one of three Doctor Who actors who portrayed "The Doctor" on TV to appear in an episode of Casualty (1986). The others are Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy.

    • Chris turned down a role in Steven Spielberg's Saving Private Ryan.

    • Chris followed in a long line of distinguished actors to have portrayed the character of Doctor Who on screen. William Hartnell, Patrick Troughton, Jon Pertwee, Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy all played the role in the television series, while Peter Cushing, Paul McGann and Rowan Atkinson took the part in spin offs for the show.

    • After all of the characters he has played, Chris has retained his Lancashire accent.

    • Chris is a supporter of Manchester United Football club.

    • Chris trained at the Central School of Speech and Drama.

    • Chris often returns to his home of Salford, Lancashire to fight for local issues and is a patron of the arts for the area.

    • Chris only got a driver's license in January 2004 - and is only qualified to drive Automatics.

  • Quotes

    • Christopher: I love my accent, I thought it was useful in Gone In 60 Seconds because the standard villain is upper class or Cockney. My Northern accent would be an odd clash opposite Nic Cage.

    • Christopher: My bony face is like a car crash. I haven't got good looks, just weird looks, enough to frighten the fiercest monster.

    • (Regarding children's response of him as the Ninth Doctor)
      Christopher: In all the 20 years I've been acting, I've never enjoyed a response so much as the one I've had from children and I'm carrying that in my heart forever.

    • Christopher: I care more about telly because it made me an actor and there's a much more immediate response to TV. You can address the political or cultural fabric of your country.

    • Christopher: I came out of school in '79 when unemployment was really starting to bite, went back and redid my O-levels, there was a play going on and I was corralled into it.

    • Christopher: Culturally we've always felt it important to express the life of the country, and working class comes into that.

    • Christopher: Any horror element is as much psychological as special effects.

    • Christopher: A year later, and I'm average again.

    • Christopher: I wasn't always such a great fan of Shakespeare, mind you. I can guess we all, at one time, had it rammed down our necks at school, which tends to take the edge off it.

  • A great actor!

    Admittedly I did not think that Christopher Eccleston was such a great actor when I first saw him in the first series of Doctor Who, he though that he didn't bring enough life and energy to the role, but after re-watching the series I have grown to like him more. He is able to show a wide range of emotion, and all of it is in a believable manner. I would like to see some more of him in the future as I have not seen him in anything since Doctor Who. We need more strong British actors like him!moreless
  • He made the Doctor a humorous character. Even if the situation looked dire, he always had a laugh. But when the situation needed a serious outlook, he was ready to tackle it.moreless

    He made the Doctor a humorous character. Even if the situation looked dire, he always had a laugh. But when the situation needed a serious outlook, he was ready to tackle it. This is one of the reasons that i enjoyed the show. Of course, i still do. The new Doctor, David Tennant I, is also a humorous character/actor, but not as funny as Christopher Eccleston. From what i've seen of Christopher Eccleston's performance in Doctor Who, i can say that he is a talented, humorous actor. Whatever he does now, i'm sure that he excell in it. Too bad it won't be with Doctor Who.moreless