Christopher Eccleston





2/16/1964 , Salford, Lancashire, England, United Kingdom

Birth Name

Christopher Eccleston




On February 16, 1964 Christopher was born in the northwestern English town of Salford to a modest working class family.

Chris had big dreams of one day becoming a professional football player, but at the age of nineteen Chris realised that his true calling in life was to become an actor. He soon enrolled in London's Central School of Speech and Drama. After he graduated though, it took a few years before his career got off the ground.

In 1991, the tides slowly began to turn for Chris when he was given a role in Let Him Have It.

His performance won him much praise and soon led him to the role that would set his place as a television favourite in stone. In 1993, Chris began co-starring opposite Robbie Coltrane (also of Harry Potter fame) in the hit crime drama Cracker. He continued appearing in the series for the first two seasons.

In 2004, it was confirmed that Chris would play the main role of The Doctor in the revival of Doctor Who opposite Billie Piper. This was going to be his most famous role and would make him a household name in the UK. He only stayed for 13 episodes, leaving in The Parting of the Ways to be replaced by David Tennant. Chris was criticised a lot for leaving the role so early.

Chris has gone on to appear in the US show Heroes.