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  • A great actor!

    Admittedly I did not think that Christopher Eccleston was such a great actor when I first saw him in the first series of Doctor Who, he though that he didn't bring enough life and energy to the role, but after re-watching the series I have grown to like him more. He is able to show a wide range of emotion, and all of it is in a believable manner. I would like to see some more of him in the future as I have not seen him in anything since Doctor Who. We need more strong British actors like him!
  • He made the Doctor a humorous character. Even if the situation looked dire, he always had a laugh. But when the situation needed a serious outlook, he was ready to tackle it.

    He made the Doctor a humorous character. Even if the situation looked dire, he always had a laugh. But when the situation needed a serious outlook, he was ready to tackle it. This is one of the reasons that i enjoyed the show. Of course, i still do. The new Doctor, David Tennant I, is also a humorous character/actor, but not as funny as Christopher Eccleston. From what i've seen of Christopher Eccleston's performance in Doctor Who, i can say that he is a talented, humorous actor. Whatever he does now, i'm sure that he excell in it. Too bad it won't be with Doctor Who.
  • Christoper is Cute, Charming and Attractive. Definately under rated!

    Until Doctor Who ... I had not noticed him.

    I was not really a fan of the original .. but Doctor Who came in during my Friday Night Sci-Fi Line up so I gave it a chance.

    Frankly, I fell in love with Christopher. He is definately unrated ... but more importantly ... he is cute, charming, and the personality that he brings to Doctor who is VERY attractive.

    I am however, very upset with him. I can not believe he has entertained the notion that another season of Doctor Who will "Type cast him". Just as we are starting to get to know and love him he quits. I for one am very disappointed that he has abandoned the roll of the Doctor and wonder about his committment to his fans. He has offered up himself in a charactor that is easy to love ... only to snatch it away in haste. The replacement will not be the Doctor ... the CHARACTER that I so loved in Doctor Who.

    If it were not for him abandoning his role and one of his newest fans in the process I would be giving him a score of 11 on a scale of 1-10. Because my heart has so suffered from the abandonment of his role ... I can give him no more than a 7.

    I probably won't watch another "series" staring him because I have no reason to expect him to stick it out once he has won my heart!
  • A master, a king and a seemingly good guy

    Still one of my favorite actors, i was so overjoyed to see him in Doctor Who back in 2005, i couldn't believe he'd only signed on for a year though.

    He is an acting genius, with the ability to do just about any accent you throw at him and go from angry, crying to excited in a matter of moments.
    His best roles were in Cracker, the movie 28 Days Later, his short stint in 24 Hour Party People and, my personal favourite, his role as Trevor Hick sin Hillsborough.
    Nothing can ever go past that performance. Nothing will ever go past that Telemovie!

    So, my message to Christopher: keep doing what you do best mate, and we'll keep watching your shows!
  • new love

    Wow I wish I would of known about this guy sooner, he is great, I love Dr who, he is quirky funny original and kind of cute, I am going to have to find some more of his roles and really watch him in different things to see the full extent of his talent I think
  • He is great.

    He is the best person to play Doctor Who and he is one of the best actors to walk in this country.Surely you all must agree don`t you think he is. His best bit in Doctor Who is where he regenarates well that is what I think. Bit emotional though.
  • This man is absolutely awesome.

    I eyed the new Dr Who series with alot of sceptisism before it aired on the BBC. I had heard that there were to be evil wheelie bins in the series and this had put me off.

    I watched the first episode out of curiosity, and was absolutely blown away. Not by the story, not by the special effects, but by the sheer excellence of this mans acting. Although i had already seen him in 'the second coming', '28 days later' and 'The others' I had never really given him the credit he deserved for his acting. In Dr Who he brings a whole new dimension to the role, he wasnt the eccentrick Dr Who we'd become used to, but he was a Relate able, witty, common as muck Doctor. In the 'Second coming' his acting was also immpecible, it cant be easy playing the son of god, can it? He pulled it off brilliantly.

    In my opinion Chris Eccleston is currently one of Britains best actors, and is hugely underated. This Man is absolutely awesome.
  • Chris is one of the UK's most talented actors and always brings a vibrant intensity to all his roles.He has the capacity to dominate every scene in which he appears, effortlessly moving from portrayals of heroes to those of villains, from innocents to cyn

    Chris is a truly gifted actor who brings skill and intensity to every role he plays. He has unquestionably the most extensive range of any actor of his generation and has given special performances in many films and telelvison programmes including Jude, Elizabeth, Shallow Grave, 28 Days Later, Hillsborough, Flesh and Blood and Second Coming. Recently he took on the iconic role of Doctor Who in the self-titled BBC series.

    Chris' performance as 'The Doctor' has brought him brilliant reviews and he's gained many new fans through the show. They admire his brilliant interpretation of the role and his striking good looks haven't gone unnoticed either! He's a modern classic.
  • Christopher Ecclesten is a uniquely talented actor, deserving much more attention and main roles to really show what he is able to do!

    His ability to act is incredible and very variable, he can do funny guys, bad guys, you name it. And it is always believable. The way he uses mimics is very unique, so he is a must see!

    As I watched the series Doctor Who 2005 for the first time (I have not seen any of the other Doctor Who shows) I could hardly believe my eyes. This person was protrayed funny, sometimes completely nuts, without being stupid, a second later sharp and clever, another time determined or empathic, even completely enraged.
    Chris covered the whole spectrum magnificently and with obvious ease, letting his guts take over and just feeling the character as he portrayed it - and he performed brilliantly.

    One could really see, as the series went along, how much more he could do. He took the Doctor and the show to a higher level with each passing episode.

    As a person, from what I have seen, he is very intelligent and considerate, really caring about what he does and jumping into it with all his heart.

    Thank you, Chris! It was a short ride, but a FANTASTIC one!
  • The greatest doctor around is ....Christopher Eccleston

    Chrostopher Eccleston. To me before Doctor Who I didn\'t know who the hell he was. Now I find myself obsessed.
    His performance in doctor who was one of the best performances I have seen for years. So cocky, so gorgeous, so brave, and yet so vulnerable.
    I don\'t know how to describe his acting....talented, an all time great. A name that will be in people\'s memories for ages.
    Eccleston was a true Doctor, he made you laugh, and that was more healing than anything.
    He made Saturday night television, once a boring mix of sport and quiz shows, light up , and become one of the great days of the week.
    Such a shame to see him go, back into time and space...