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    • While on Australian soap Home and Away, Chris played the younger brother to Bec Cartwright's character Hayley, who later married Leyton Hewitt. The two remain close.

    • Chris starred alongside Mischa Barton in Virgin Territory. Off-screen, he remains friends with Barton.

    • Chris briefly dated actress Eliska Amor in 2004 following his move to Los Angeles. The couple called it quits in November of that year, Chris saying, "We're both too focused on our careers at the moment to dedicate ourselves to each other. It's not fair on either of us but we're still very close and talk for about 4 hours every day. It's mutual and still on great terms!"

    • On one of his first days on the job Chris tripped over a lead in the studio and ended up sprawled across the Surf Club floor.

    • Chris has had an agent since he was 3.

    • Chris' favourite ice-cream flavour is Cookies and Cream.

    • Chris enjoys Thai and Italian food.

    • Chris listens to R Kelly and U2, which is his favorite band.

    • Chris' favorite actors are Al Pacino, Kate Hudson, and Robert DeNiro.

    • Chris won the role of Mikey in the 2007 film Resident Evil: Extinction

    • In his spare time, Chris enjoys skating, body boarding, and hanging out with friends.

    • Chris won the role of 'Dioneo' in the 2007 film, Decameron: Angels & Virgins.

    • Chris won the role of 'Roran' in the 2006 film, Eragon .

    • Chris moved from Australia to Los Angeles in 2003.

    • Chris won the role of Ben in Vanished after the show's executive producer, Josh Berman, saw him in a pilot for another program and decided on the spot that he was the man for Vanished.

  • Quotes

    • (On ex-girlfriend Eliska Amor)
      Chris Egan: She's a very beautiful girl and I still love her. It's unfortunate that sometimes you need to go separate ways to achieve happiness when it feels like that person is all the happiness you need. It's life and we're young, we're awesome friends. Who knows what the future will bring, but whatever is meant to be, will be.

    • Chris: (on his Vanished co-stars Ming-Na and Gale Harold) I watched these guys, and watched how they operated, and that was a huge learning experience for me, and in the end I walked away having picked up so much about the work.

    • Chris: (on what his Vanished co-stars are like) Great. Really, really great people. You feel really lucky when you're working with these actors. A lot of these guys I've grown up watching on television and when you find yourself on set opposite them, you just feel very lucky and they've just been really, really nice.

    • Chris: (on the highlight of his career) I think the real highlight was making the move here you know just preparing to come and making that trip. I feel really lucky that I haven't been in a situation where I haven't been able to work.

    • Chris: (on his time since he left Australia) The past three years have been a crazy ride. When I first got here I was straight off to Rome for 6 months (to shoot Empires) - that was a huge job - and then I got some films and was shooting them overseas too. So for the first two years it felt like I was traveling constantly and I really didn't get that chance to stay in touch with a lot of people.

    • Chris: (on what attracted him to his role in "Vanished") At first it looks like it's a show about a simple kidnapping, a senator's wife goes missing and it looks like she has just been kidnapped. Then it comes out that there's involvement with cults, and all these government conspiracies are going on - and I love a conspiracy so that's what attracted me to the show.

    • Chris: (on mastering the American accent for "Vanished") The thing is that you are trying to get the accent right at the same time as you are acting, so I just tried to stay in accent the whole time, but it was always weird talking to people on the set sounding like an American. It was very hard because I didn't have a dialect coach on the set, and it was the first job in America where I didn't have a dialect coach, so I was left to fend for myself, but I met with my own coach three times a week. In the end I found that the accent was part of the character - Ben wouldn't be talking with an Australian accent, so I kept the focus on the character. Getting the accent right is about letting your mouth warm up in the morning, so I would be standing in the shower doing all these mouth exercises.

    • Chris: (on finding time to have a girlfriend) I've dated a bit but, where I'm at right now, the schedule makes it tough. I'm a hopeless romantic, and if I fell in love, I'd stop doing anything and spend time with her all the time - and that would get very distracting. I start becoming very lazy, so I have to keep myself at bay.

    • Chris: (on getting visitors from Australia) I'm getting so many visitors from home and people I've worked with in London. There's always somebody coming into town. If you're not knuckling down and reading a script or preparing for an audition, you're hanging out with other Aussies. When Thorpie's [Ian Thorpe] in town, I'm always hanging out with him. And I still see Justin Melvey.

    • Chris: (on Aussie actors breaking into the industry in the U.S.) It isn't easy to break through. When I look back at all the heartache and weirdness and rejection… It's easy to say you wouldn't do it over again, but it's great for Australians and it's an inspiration to other to other actors thinking of doing the same thing. Before I came over, I was inspired to hear about Australians overseas. It's great that Americans are letting Aussies come in and take the jobs!

    • Chris: (comparing working on "Home And Away" to "Vanished") The schedule on Home And Away was much crazier than anything I've worked on since - you're stepping on-set every day and doing everything quickly. Here, the attention to detail and time taken on each episode is just amazing.

    • Chris: (on his role in "Vanished") We had a rough outline at the start, but it changed just days before we began shooting - so we didn't really have an idea of what our character arc was. I was going into every scene very confused about what was going to happen next - but that helped me. It was like gold, getting each script, because there were surprises in each episode.

    • Chris: (on it being difficult to decide if his "Vanished" character, Ben, is good or bad) I think it's meant to be confusing. In essence, he's a good guy but he's always getting mixed up with the wrong crowd. He's from a different side of the tracks to March and he likes trouble - I think that's what attracted March to him. Ben's one of those guys who, at the end of his life, will say, 'Maybe it was my fault that I got into all that'. But he can't see it now.