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  • New generations of genius cast!

    Is excellent actor with a lot of potential to show every one, with no dude is the best of the cast. Congratulation Chris!! you will be reach a lot of more!!

    i love this guy
    hes adorable
    hes funny
    and a really good actor!!!
    ok so in ugly betty he is amazing
    him and michael urie are basicly the REASON i watch the show.
    hes such a cute nerd.
    ahahah..i love him.
    hes drop dead gorgeous and really funny, and really cute, and really really awesome!
    what more can i say except that i love him?
    i mean whats not to love about christopher gorham!?
    hes lovely.
    and he is love.
    he is a talented, funny, young, good actor.
    id watch any show he was on anyday
    on ugly betty he is amazing
    i HIGHLY recomend that show.
    i dont like too many shows on television.
    but i sure do watch this one!
  • Christopher Gorham is a talented and under used actor.

    Christopher Gorham is an under used and talented star who dissurves bigger roles and should get a a permanent place in ugly betty. he is so funny as bubbly, smart and cute henry who is soo romanticly in loe with betty you want to faint (but not really). this under rated star should be like casted in a film he should have played that guy in win a date with tad hamilton he would have totally made that role his own they should cast him in movie a like a cross over bettween win a date with tad hamilton and ugly betty he is the best person they could have cast for henry and should give him a permanant role. YEY Christopher Gorham!!
  • Give him a permanent role on Ugly Betty (or bring Jake 2.0 or Odyssey 5 back)!

    I don't think you can find a more adorable guy than this! He brings HOT to the whole nerd thing (I think he has been stereotyped into the smart/dorky role). I loved Odyssey 5 and Jake 2.0. Of course, both got cancelled. Now he has a reacurring role on Ugly Betty that I hope will become permanent.
  • Give him a new show already, We need him back in action!!

    I just absolutely love Christopher. He's so handsome as well as extremely talented. I would love to see him as a lead in another show. Recently they've started replaying his Jake 2.0 show on Sci Fi. Wouldn't it be nice if they resurrected it. I love his comical side as well as his serious side. He plays so well against other characters. In addition, he plays his own characters flawlessly. We need to see some more of this guy, I'm hoping we'll see him in a new movie or new television series soon. His talent is so overwhelming that it would be a shame not to have access to it.