Christopher Judge

Christopher Judge


10/13/1967, Los Angeles, CA

Birth Name

Douglas Christopher Judge



Also Known As

Douglas Judge, D. Christopher Judge
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A native of L.A., Christopher Judge was born in 1967. He has one younger brother. Whilst he always wanted to be an actor (he started acting in Junior High), to begin with he was a successful athlete. Using his skills to the full, he got into the University…more


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    • Christopher Judge: (speaking about Teal'c's gold tattoo in Stargate SG-1) It would take 40-50 minutes to put it on, just that, just because it was three separate pieces. You'd have to put on a piece, wait for it to dry, put on a piece, wait for it to dry, put on a piece, wait for it to dry, then paint it, then paint on the stuff around it... Oh, I used to hate that! So then they came out with kind of an all-in-one type appliance so now it's just 30 seconds.

    • Christopher Judge: (speaking about Teal'c's shaved head in Stargate SG-1) Yes, just for the role. I actually have worn my hair quite long my whole life. I actually auditioned with very long hair.

    • Christopher Judge: (about the episode Sacrifices) Well, it was -- because "Birthright" went over so well, we started talking immediately about doing a sequel to it, a follow-up episode to it. And so I had this idea for kind of what I thought would be a more comical episode, involving a wedding. And in fact the original title of the episode was "My Big Fat Jaffa Wedding."

    • Christopher Judge: (about his wardrobe in the episode Affinity of Stargate SG-1) Oh, we had such a ball. Christine and I -- the wardrober -- she's wonderful. We had so many great years with Christina McQuarrie. So when you have someone new, you kind of always -- you're always kind of hesitant. She just took the time to really get to know us, and learn our different likes and dislikes, and things like that.

    • Christopher Judge: (about the possibility of "Teal'c" appearing in Stargate Atlantis) You know, I don't really know. Everything is so up in the air right now. You know, of course I would welcome it. But they've got a great thing going on over there. But you know, we'll see. We don't even know if we can do it for us again.

    • Michael Shanks: (about Christopher) He has this fear of bears. He's from Los Angeles and we're up here in wilds of British Columbia where I'm from and where bears live. He's a big guy and the old adage, 'Bears are more afraid of you than you are of them,' is very true, so he really doesn't have anything to be afraid of.

    • Christopher Judge: I only started playing [golf] recently but I'm totally hooked. I'd really like to work my way round all the classic courses in the world and maybe join in some of those ProAm tournaments - with the emphasis clearly on the amateur in my case. I have had some strange looks from golfers who've approached a hole and met this odd-looking creature with a big gold emblem on his forehead. It's amazing how many times they let me take my shot first.

    • Christopher Judge: Actually, if I weren't going to be an actor I would have played baseball probably. Or at least I would have tried to do that. Actually I was quite good once upon a time, athletically that was my true calling. But, I've never thought about being anything else. I was a stockbroker for six months... I just wanted to jump out of a window. I admire anyone who can watch quotes all day cause I couldn't do it. That's what sealed the deal in that I wouldn't do anything else but this.

    • Christopher Judge: I've always known I wanted to be an actor. It never crossed my mind to be anything else. I think I probably decided for sure when I saw Sounder. I remember the dad, Kevin Hooks' dad, going to prison, and I remember crying. Even at that age I thought what a great job it would be to have someone have these feelings about someone they don't even know, just by watching something!

  • Teal'c kel no reem process

    I wonder if, Over The Course of SG1 if Mr Judge was able to devise a REAL Meditation process of Kel No Reem and if he could post a link to a PDF File of it.

    Thanking you,

    Frank Hogan
  • ok actor...

    I've only seen Christopher Judge as T'ealc on Stargate SG-1 and I am not impressed. It must be hard to play an alien and I just don't think he does a good job at it. His performance is mediocre and seems like it's lacking. When he's surrounded by Richard Dean Anderson (in the earlier seasons) he's just can't compete. However, he doesn't do a bad job, it's just nothing special. He's pretty average and was lucky to land such a big role on such a huge Sci0fi show. I would like to see him in other roles and see how he does, because with the roles I've seen him in, I'm not impressed.moreless