Christopher Judge





10/13/1967 , Los Angeles, CA

Birth Name

Douglas Christopher Judge




A native of L.A., Christopher Judge was born in 1967. He has one younger brother. Whilst he always wanted to be an actor (he started acting in Junior High), to begin with he was a successful athlete. Using his skills to the full, he got into the University of Oregon with a football scholarship. First of all he was in a pre-med curriculum, but he found out he couldn't do the maths. (Maths is scum!) Then he was a philosophy major for six months, then a psych major, before finally deciding on telecommunications and film with a psychology minor.

Success came in the athletic arena, where his real skill lay in baseball. His baseball coach wanted him to give up American Football, but (in his own words), "football players got all the chicks". Not that he was bad at American Football! He become an All-American three times and played in the Hula Bowl. Chris played as a defensive safety.

His first step into entertainment came when he won a contest to host a morning radio show in Oregon. But he got started in acting in his senior year, when Fox hosted some regional contests. It was their first year as a network, and they needed programming. After winning, he hosted an "MTV talk show type thing", used it to get an agent, and things went from there. In 1989 he started studying at the Howard Fine Studio in Los Angeles. His first acting role was in the 1990 film Bird on a Wire and from there he starred in numerous films and TV shows before landing the role of the Jaffa, Teal'c, in Stargate SG-1.

He's also been in TV movies such as Peter DeLuise's Romantic Comedy 101, big screen blockbusters like Disney's Snow Dogs and he's had a go at writing episodes of Stargate SG-1 ("The Changeling", "Birthright", and "Sacrifices"). He's guest starred in lots of Sci-fi shows, including Andromeda and First Wave. As well as acting in the conventional sense, he's the voice of Simon Gray in Action Man and Magneto in X-Men: Evolution.

During the middle of 2002 he set up a photography studio with his girlfriend Gianna. In his own words, "Photography is just something I've picked up again; I used to work for a number of modeling agencies in LA a few years back doing tests. My girlfriend and I have set up a studio and are working on it as a business (she is a makeup artist and model/actress). It's always good to have something to fall back on!".