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  • Shines even among his talented co-stars.

    Stargate SG-1 has an amazing cast, with many very talented actors, but Christopher Judge still manages to shine out, even next to Richard Dean Anderson. He has likely the most difficult character, Teal'c, especially since Christopher Judge has ADHD (or ADD, I cant remember) and Teal'c is very stoic. But we know that he can play more than just stoic characters, since he did an amazing job as Jack in "Holiday" in which they switched bodies.

    Christopher Judge is also talented having written the SG-1 episodes "Sacrifices", "Birthright", and "The Changeling", and created the story for the episode "The Warrior", which are all wonderful episodes, especially storywise.
  • great

    I love Chris Judge and his completely relaed understated prefromance of Teal'c they could not have picked a better person for this role. Physical domanance, humor, Dead pan lines.. He is teal'c .. I think he is one of the best actors on Tv today.. and I love the charecter
  • he's big and he's an alien...on Stargate anyway...

    when i first seen chis judge on stargate sg1 as Teal'c i had a hard job remembraing his name but i knew he was an important part of the show. chris jude is the onlt actor on stargate sg1 to be in every single episode - thats over 205 episodes. i think he is a great actor because on the show he plays a very serious alien and in really live he's a funny guy i don't know how he does it without laughing.he is ,i think the most devoted actor on the show although micheal shanks seems to like it as much as the fans.later.
  • ok actor...

    I've only seen Christopher Judge as T'ealc on Stargate SG-1 and I am not impressed. It must be hard to play an alien and I just don't think he does a good job at it. His performance is mediocre and seems like it's lacking. When he's surrounded by Richard Dean Anderson (in the earlier seasons) he's just can't compete. However, he doesn't do a bad job, it's just nothing special. He's pretty average and was lucky to land such a big role on such a huge Sci0fi show. I would like to see him in other roles and see how he does, because with the roles I've seen him in, I'm not impressed.
  • Teal'c kel no reem process

    I wonder if, Over The Course of SG1 if Mr Judge was able to devise a REAL Meditation process of Kel No Reem and if he could post a link to a PDF File of it.

    Thanking you,

    Frank Hogan