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    • Christopher Judge: (speaking about Teal'c's gold tattoo in Stargate SG-1) It would take 40-50 minutes to put it on, just that, just because it was three separate pieces. You'd have to put on a piece, wait for it to dry, put on a piece, wait for it to dry, put on a piece, wait for it to dry, then paint it, then paint on the stuff around it... Oh, I used to hate that! So then they came out with kind of an all-in-one type appliance so now it's just 30 seconds.

    • Christopher Judge: (speaking about Teal'c's shaved head in Stargate SG-1) Yes, just for the role. I actually have worn my hair quite long my whole life. I actually auditioned with very long hair.

    • Christopher Judge: (about the episode Sacrifices) Well, it was -- because "Birthright" went over so well, we started talking immediately about doing a sequel to it, a follow-up episode to it. And so I had this idea for kind of what I thought would be a more comical episode, involving a wedding. And in fact the original title of the episode was "My Big Fat Jaffa Wedding."

    • Christopher Judge: (about his wardrobe in the episode Affinity of Stargate SG-1) Oh, we had such a ball. Christine and I -- the wardrober -- she's wonderful. We had so many great years with Christina McQuarrie. So when you have someone new, you kind of always -- you're always kind of hesitant. She just took the time to really get to know us, and learn our different likes and dislikes, and things like that.

    • Christopher Judge: (about the possibility of "Teal'c" appearing in Stargate Atlantis) You know, I don't really know. Everything is so up in the air right now. You know, of course I would welcome it. But they've got a great thing going on over there. But you know, we'll see. We don't even know if we can do it for us again.

    • Michael Shanks: (about Christopher) He has this fear of bears. He's from Los Angeles and we're up here in wilds of British Columbia where I'm from and where bears live. He's a big guy and the old adage, 'Bears are more afraid of you than you are of them,' is very true, so he really doesn't have anything to be afraid of.

    • Christopher Judge: I only started playing [golf] recently but I'm totally hooked. I'd really like to work my way round all the classic courses in the world and maybe join in some of those ProAm tournaments - with the emphasis clearly on the amateur in my case. I have had some strange looks from golfers who've approached a hole and met this odd-looking creature with a big gold emblem on his forehead. It's amazing how many times they let me take my shot first.

    • Christopher Judge: Actually, if I weren't going to be an actor I would have played baseball probably. Or at least I would have tried to do that. Actually I was quite good once upon a time, athletically that was my true calling. But, I've never thought about being anything else. I was a stockbroker for six months... I just wanted to jump out of a window. I admire anyone who can watch quotes all day cause I couldn't do it. That's what sealed the deal in that I wouldn't do anything else but this.

    • Christopher Judge: I've always known I wanted to be an actor. It never crossed my mind to be anything else. I think I probably decided for sure when I saw Sounder. I remember the dad, Kevin Hooks' dad, going to prison, and I remember crying. Even at that age I thought what a great job it would be to have someone have these feelings about someone they don't even know, just by watching something!