Christopher Khayman Lee

Christopher Khayman Lee


3/11/1978, Miami, Florida, USA

Birth Name

Christopher Lee Potts



Also Known As

Christopher Lee Potts, Lord Khayman, Christopher Potts, Christopher Lee, CKL
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Christopher Khayman Lee was raised in Virginia Beach, VA. He has a little sister called Chyler Leigh, she co-starred with him in "Safe Harbor" (1999). Christopher was intrigued by his sister Chyler's success in modeling and moved to Miami to join her and their mother. At age 17,…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • He was in safe harbor he was a total cutie, he was in power rangers in sapce, he was a total cutie, and he was a guest star on 7th heaven total cutie!moreless

    He is such a good actor! I wish he would get on to another tv show, to prove how good he is. He was a total hottie on Power Rangers in Space and that episode of 7TH Heaven when we has a guest star he took my breath away! What is he doing now any way? I hope he tries to get another tv show or something like that because I miss watching him on tv, and I know a couple of ppl who would like to see him on tv again as well. Please come back CKL PLEASE !!!moreless
  • Wonder why he didn't get many shows!

    I wonder why Christopher didn't get many shows as he

    Has the gift but Hollywood hasn't given him the chance

    To become a great actor that he was meant to be.

    Now a days he is working behind the scenes as some

    Kind of producer. As I think he would rather be behind

    The scenes. But still, he was a major cutie in Power

    Rangers in Space. As Andros, the ailen-human from the planet KO-35. He and that Ashley Hammond made a very cute couple I think. As I put him right up there with Tommy Oliver and Kimberly Hart of the Power Rangers as well!moreless