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  • come back

    christopher knight still has alot to he's doing biggest fan
  • More than just Peter Brady.

    Christopher Knight is an exceptional guy. He was a fantastic child star (even if he couldn't sing) and grew up and made a succesful career outside of entertainment. I think it's sad though, that he'll always just be Peter Brady when he had the potential to do so much more. And I find it even more sad that his career has come to a reality series on VH-1. His relationship with this Adrienne does not seem to be a particularly healthy one, but maybe it's a happy one and I hope for the best, and whether the best is them staying together or seperating isn't my call. I do hope though that Chris returns to real acting again... he was clearly the most talented of all the Brady kids.
  • I think Christopher knight is a very talented and down to earth person , his show \\\" My Fair Brady \\\" shows him as a unfortunately a man that needs to reassess his life choices .

    I think i agree with one posters comments that i feel for Mr. Knight . I think he has been bullied and manipulated by a opportunistic woman . I think Adrianne is very unstable , selfish and volatile and immature girl.She wears shirts that state she \\\" nailed \\\" Mr. Knight . not that she loves him but that she conquered him . what a poor showing of feelings for a person . She makes every outing an emotional nightmare and just ruins anything and everything they do . yet on the episode where they went to the retreat she had one therapist turn on Christopher and had him doubting everything he said and did . All the while she all of a sudden is the \\\" supportive \\\" partner . I surely hope that Christopher \\\" wakes up \\\" and rids himself of this fungus, before he loses his sense of self. Adrianne get some help and learn how to cope with life for yourself you cannot expect someone else to fix you , you need to do that for yourself and while you are at it Grow Up ! Christopher you are fine the way you are and for your sake i hope you find out before you marry this Baggage .
  • How wonderful to see that Christopher used "all" his talents and brains to be very successful in life. Very inspirational to see a former child star prosper in life with additional talents and interests. Bravo!

    Christoher Knight has so much to offer. This poor girl that happen to "win" Americas top model is pathetic. She has the "look" that magazines, designers etc... want but that does NOT qualify her for any other awards.
    This girl (yes girl not woman) is scary and more than rough around the edges. I fear for the well-being of Chris. I know that she is beautiful, young, energetic, no wrinkles, very sexy and all the blah blah blah that men love. BUT...she exhibits all the characteristics of a bratty, possessive, pschyco chic. No holds barred. I was be Soooooo afraid of her. Think movie "fatal attraction" and I think she could be worse.
    I am very disappointed in her behavior, language and general attitude when she was actually given an opportunity to be very successful. Not something a lot of people get in life. Especially since her "gift" was something she was born with and didn't actually have to work for it.
    I only wish him well...without her. Can't wait to see more of him and less of her :-)
  • Urgent-please be careful concerning your mental and physical health by being engaged to an unstable, psychotic, neurotic individual. She could become violent. If that is how she behaves in front of the cameras... frightened for the wellbeing of Christophe

    My family and I caught some of \"My Fair Brady\" and we felt compelled to mention that we are concerned for the welfare of this gentleman. Upon reading his biography we assume he has established himself as someone very worthwhile since he \"graduated\" from child star to entrepreneur. I am sure that in the heat of the moment he acted on emotion and hence the outcome at the end of the series. However, it is very sad that this type of quality person was basically seduced into the underbelly of the entertainment industry by the worst it has to offer. I am sure that this gentleman did the chivalrous thing by proposing to that 22 year old opportunistic child/woman. However, he should open his eyes and review the tapes of the show to see all the threats and all the veiled and obvious anger and hostility she shows to men and a gentleman like himself. When she gets her way she shows a flash of anger after the proposal and basically threatens him about their future life.