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  • I think Christopher knight is a very talented and down to earth person , his show \\\" My Fair Brady \\\" shows him as a unfortunately a man that needs to reassess his life choices .

    I think i agree with one posters comments that i feel for Mr. Knight . I think he has been bullied and manipulated by a opportunistic woman . I think Adrianne is very unstable , selfish and volatile and immature girl.She wears shirts that state she \\\" nailed \\\" Mr. Knight . not that she loves him but that she conquered him . what a poor showing of feelings for a person . She makes every outing an emotional nightmare and just ruins anything and everything they do . yet on the episode where they went to the retreat she had one therapist turn on Christopher and had him doubting everything he said and did . All the while she all of a sudden is the \\\" supportive \\\" partner . I surely hope that Christopher \\\" wakes up \\\" and rids himself of this fungus, before he loses his sense of self. Adrianne get some help and learn how to cope with life for yourself you cannot expect someone else to fix you , you need to do that for yourself and while you are at it Grow Up ! Christopher you are fine the way you are and for your sake i hope you find out before you marry this Baggage .