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    • Maureen McCormick, who played Marcia on The Brady Bunch, once said that out of all six Brady kids, Christopher was the "shy" one.

    • Christopher has said that he always hated going on interviews as a child, because of all the driving and grueling audition periods. He says that whenever he came home from school to find his mother all dressed up, his heart sank, because he knew it meant another audition. He jokes that he used to ask his mom why they couldn't just give him the job right away.

    • Christopher Knight's wife, Adrianne Curry, was the first winner on America's Next Top Model. The two met on the reality show Surreal Life.

    • Christopher Knight is Dyslexic.

    • In 1979, Christopher Knight dated Tai Babilonia.

    • Christopher Knight has appeared in several movies such as L.A. Dicks, Family Jewels, Nowhere, The Doom Generation, The Brady Bunch Movie, Good Girls Don't, and Just You and Me, Kid.

    • Christopher Knight was married to Julie Knight from 1989 until 1992. He was then married to Toni Erickson Knight from 1995 - 2000. In May of 2006, he married Adrianne Curry and they are still married.

    • In 2006, Christopher Knight appeared as the spokesman for the Ab Lounge exercise machine.

    • Christopher Knight is the spokesman for the National Consumer League's "AD/HD Campaign."

    • Christopher Knight has his own hair care product line.

    • Christopher Knight has been married three times.

    • Christopher Knight was ranked number 20 out of the top "100 Greatest Kid Stars" list by VH1.

    • Christopher Knight was the best man at the wedding of Barry Williams's, Peter Brady on The Brady Bunch.

    • Christopher Knight has been working in marketing since 1987.

    • In 1996, Christopher Knight was diagnosed with ADD (attention deficit disorder.)

    • Christopher Knight is 5'9" tall.

    • Christopher Knight once dated his TV sister Eve Plumb (Jan Brady) and got caught fooling around in the back of his truck by the police. Eve was his first girlfriend.

    • He is married to fellow Surreal Life-r, Adrianne Curry.

    • Christopher Knight is in the music video of Click Five's songs "Just the Girl" and "Catch Your Wave."

  • Quotes

    • Christopher Knight: (about the phenomenal success of "The Brady Bunch") You can't decide to be a participant for a show that's going to do this. You can't aim for this. This is sort of like an orbit, if you will, which is high enough where it will almost never come back down. It's unusual. One can only hope that a show they create does this. Our show is probably in a place that any creator or producer of a show would want to reach. It's amazing.

    • Christopher Knight: One of the hardest aspects of this protracted public persona is not knowing others as well as they feel they know me. It's a rather clumsy feeling actually; to not know someone who acts as though you're old friends.

    • Christopher Knight: I don't even have an agent or manager, but rather have a number of associates who I turn to when needed; or conversely when they hear of someone looking for me they'll contact me.

    • Christopher Knight: For the past two years I've acted as the spokesperson for The American Counseling Association's teenage acne awareness campaign, "Healthy Skin, Healthy Outlook."

    • Christopher Knight: Being a Brady comes with it's pleasures and its baggage. I'm not one given to a lack of privacy and invasion.

    • Christopher Knight: I certainly would consider a reunion. It would need to fit with my schedule and other business obligations. Every reunion or regrouping of the Bunch has proven to be hugely enjoyable. We are like family, and our reunions are like true family reunions, with everyone catching up and generally enjoying each other's company. Since I'm not technically "pursuing an acting career" I've got little reason to be concerned on how doing a "Brady Reunion" may negatively effect my career. In this regard the decision for me may be easier then for most of the others.

    • Christopher Knight: My own family was completely dysfunctional, so I know what the appeal of The Brady Bunch was. And when kids get older, in college, for example, and they realize that all their friends watched it, and you all have something in common.