Christopher Lawford





3/29/1955 , Santa Monica, California, USA

Birth Name




Christopher Lawford was born in Santa Monica in 1955. He is related through his mother's family to the Kennedy's and is the nephew of J.F.Kennedy. Lawford is an actor, producer and author. He began in the film industry as a producer and executive, responsible for such movies as American Graffiti and Kiss Me Guido. Following his undergraduate education at Tufts University, he studied law at Boston College Law School and Clinical Psychology at Harvard. Later he took acting classes in New York City. He has acted in many movies including, Terminator 3 (with his cousin-by-marriage Arnold Schwarzenegger), The World's Fastest Indian, and The Russia House. He has had starring roles in several television soap operas, including All My Children. In 2005, Lawford released a book that detailed his battle against addiction to drugs and alcohol. Moments of Clarity became a New York Times bestseller. Lawford is active in Democratic politics, especially those areas related to treatment for drug and alcohol abuse.