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Christopher Lloyd has been a successful television comedy writer and producer for the past 20 years. He began his career working on the first four seasons of "The Golden Girls," which received two Emmy Awards in the category of Best Comedy Series during his tenure. Subsequently, Lloyd produced two seasons of the Paramount comedy series show "Down Home" before serving as producer on the sitcom "Wings." From there, he joined "Frasier".

Lloyd was on "Frasier" from the show's inception where he served as co-executive producer for Season One and than executive producer/show-runner for Seasons Two to Seven which were seven successful seasons. During his tenure the series won five consecutive Emmy Awards for Best Comedy Series, securing its place in television history as the only series to have achieved such a feat. Lloyd also won a 1996 Emmy for writing for been one of six writers of the classic Season Three episode "Moon Dance" and also received an Emmy Award nomination with Joe Keenan, "Something Borrowed, Someone Blue" in 2000. The latter episode won the 2001 WGA award for Episodic Comedy.

At the end of Season Seven Lloyd, along with Joe Keenan, left "Frasier" to pursue other project. In 2002 Lloyd and Keenan created the short-lived TV Series "Bram & Alice" where he and Keenan wrote the pilot and served as executive producer.

After "Bram & Alice" was cancelled the six-time Emmy Award winner returned, along with Keenan, as executive producers for the eleventh, and final, season of the hit comedy serier "Frasier".

Since "Frasier" ended in 2004 Lloyd has been working with Keenan on a new sitcom "Out of Practice" which has been picked up by CBS and will first air in September 2005.

A native of Connecticut, Lloyd currently lives in Los Angeles with his wife, writer/producer/actress Arleen Sorkin and their two sons Eli and Owen.