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  • Christopher Lloyd is an actor who played my favorite movie villain, Judge Doom, in Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

    He is one of my favorite actors and was known for playing my favorite movie villain, Judge Doom, in Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

    I remember that movie since I was a kid. That's how I think Doom is my favorite villain. In that movie, he is a judge trying to kill Roger Rabbit for killing Maroon. In order to do that, he uses the Dip, a concoction used to kill Toons. I watched the part where he killed a Toon shoe. Later, in the Acme warehouse, he plans to erase Toontown with the Dip. Doom gets into a fight with Valiant where he is revealed to be a Toon. When Doom reveals himself as a Toon with red eyes and squeaky voice, Valiant recognizes him to be his brother's murderer. Doom is destroyed by the Dip in the end.
  • Christopher Lloyd is a veteran character actor who has done yeomen work in movies and TV. I first saw him in "One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest" and then on Taxi as Rev. Jim, and in many films, most famously in Back to the Future as Doc Emmett Brown.

    If Christopher Lloyd never did anything after Taxi, he would still earn a spot on my list. Reverend Jim was one of the most truly original characters in the history of American sitcoms. Lloyd couldve played him as a one dimensional stereotype of an aging hippie, but he imbued the character with such depth that he was very likeable and sweet. And he had a basic decency that wasnt corny. He was genuine. After Taxi ended, Lloyd moved on to movies. He had a small part in Mr. Mom as one of Michael Keatons co-workers. He did all right with what screen time he had. Then he did Back to the Future where he had the chance to create another memorable character. Indeed, I think it was Lloyd portrayal of Doc Brown that give the movie its emotional resonance. After the 3 BTTF films, he moved on the remake of The Addams Family, playing Uncle Fester in 2 films. He also appeared in the underrated The Dream Team sharing time with Keaton, Peter Boyle and Stephen Furst. The last time I saw Lloyd in a movie was Things to do in Denver when Youre Dead, where he made the most of limited screen time in a film that I felt was kind of overrated. I havent seen him in anything since then, but Im ever wary of his next role. "Now youre going to see some serious shi-!"
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    Christopher Lloyd is a true actor who's been in the business for much longer than I've been alive. He has played ever type of role imaginable. You really believe that he got into acting because he loves it for what it is. You'll never see him in any tabloids and you won't hear any gossip about him. In his roles, you sense more realism than many other actor's who are considered more talented than he. Of all of his roles in all of his movies, my favorite has to be "Back to the Future."
  • Christopher Lloyd has to be the best character on Cyberchase starring him as the Hacker. Hacker is my #1 favorite character and he has to be the best on the cartoon industries.

    On a scale of 1 to 10 I rate his performance a 10. You can see CyberChase on PBS on weekdays at 4:30. He does a great roll on Cyberchase as the Hacker. He guest starred on star trek one of the movies I know the one right after the Wrath of Kahn.
  • Very Talented

    Christopher Lloyd is very talented actor. With all his movies out there. And shows he has done. He will probably never be forgotten for his role in the movies back to the future. With all the moves he has done, it will show all the different and the most liked roles he has done. It will show h e can don mostley any role
  • A great actor

    Christopher Lloyd is such a talented actor, my favorite movie with him in it is the Back To The Future trilogy he played a great Doc, he was also good in Dennis The Menace and Pagemaster. he is well known on the small screen to for shows like taxi and a small apperance on Spin City.
  • He'll always be "Doc" to me.

    What can I say about Christopher Lloyd? Let me start by saying that I loved him in the "Back to the Future" Trilogy and thought that he was great as "Uncle Fred" in the movie based on R.L. Stine's book "When Good Ghouls Go Bad".

    First off, I became a fan of Chris in the "Back to the Future" movies, where he portrayed Doctor Emmett Brown and thought that he was great in that role of the eccentric, yet loveable scientist who invents a time machine out of a DeLorean. He portrayed Doc so well that is probably what made me like the movie so much, because his character always put a smile on my face.

    I also found his portrayal of Uncle Fred in "When Good Ghouls Go Bad" to really good as well. His character was a somewhat eccentric, yet civic-minded. Even when the character of Uncle Fred died, that didn't stop the character from making an impact on the fictional town of Walker Falls in the form of a good ghoul to get them to start celebrating Halloween again.

    Even though I have only seen Christopher Lloyd in these two roles, I find him to be a talented actor who no doubt can put a smile a television or movie viewer's face.

    You might notice that I have rated this person as gorgeous and my friends all think I'm a bit strange to fancy him as I am only 15! But Its not just that that I love about him. I think he is an absoloutly amazing charater and he can make any character seem real and really bring a movie to life. He is by far the greatest actor that I know of. He can pull of any role, comic, dramatic ANYTHING! 5 stars for Christopher Lloyd!!!!
  • The coolest actor alive!

    Chris has got to be the coolest actor alive! (How some nobody has written a reveiw for him yet?) I love his part in Back To The Future it's my favorite role of his. (so far) His expressons are outrageous and his voice is so cool. If you havent seen any of his acting role,(especially his role in Back To The Future) you havent lived.