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  • Christopher Lloyd is a veteran character actor who has done yeomen work in movies and TV. I first saw him in "One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest" and then on Taxi as Rev. Jim, and in many films, most famously in Back to the Future as Doc Emmett Brown.

    If Christopher Lloyd never did anything after Taxi, he would still earn a spot on my list. Reverend Jim was one of the most truly original characters in the history of American sitcoms. Lloyd couldve played him as a one dimensional stereotype of an aging hippie, but he imbued the character with such depth that he was very likeable and sweet. And he had a basic decency that wasnt corny. He was genuine. After Taxi ended, Lloyd moved on to movies. He had a small part in Mr. Mom as one of Michael Keatons co-workers. He did all right with what screen time he had. Then he did Back to the Future where he had the chance to create another memorable character. Indeed, I think it was Lloyd portrayal of Doc Brown that give the movie its emotional resonance. After the 3 BTTF films, he moved on the remake of The Addams Family, playing Uncle Fester in 2 films. He also appeared in the underrated The Dream Team sharing time with Keaton, Peter Boyle and Stephen Furst. The last time I saw Lloyd in a movie was Things to do in Denver when Youre Dead, where he made the most of limited screen time in a film that I felt was kind of overrated. I havent seen him in anything since then, but Im ever wary of his next role. "Now youre going to see some serious shi-!"