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    We recently reported on about the changes that have been made to Fanboys, and if you've been following the latest developments there or elsewhere, you know that The Weinstein Company took the movie away from Kyle Newman and reshot some footage late last year with someone called Steven Brill (Without a Paddle, Little Nicky) at the helm. At first we believed that Kyle was directing the reshoots and that the additional footage was just some stuff they had wanted to do but couldn't afford until TWC agreed to give them another $2 million.

    Aaaaank, wrong!! We should have known, because the Weinsteins have a reputation for meddling with films until they turn them into total crap. And obviously that's what they're doing with Fanboys right now. Market research has led them to believe the original version of Fanboys will not appeal to the public because it included someone suffering from cancer. They actually stated that their research says people won't laugh for 5-10 minutes after cancer is mentioned.

    So what's their solution? Eliminating the entire plot of the original film by cutting the cancer aspect. Now the core group of Star Wars fans travels cross country on a mission to steal an early print of The Phantom Menace, not to help their dying friend realize his last wish, but just because. They tool around in their super geeky van and cause all kinds of havoc just because they think it would be the ultimate fanboy thing to do, breaking into Skywalker Ranch to steal the movie right out from under George Lucas's nose.

    And because we know both endings now, we can tell you that this super-geeky, booger-eating, gratuitously dirty version ends in a complete letdown. Gone are the triumphant final scenes surrounding Linus realizing his dream and revitalizing all his friendships in his remaining days on earth. Gone is the ending that received three standing ovations and nine minutes of applause when the rough cut of the real version screened at Celebration Europe last year. No one will cheer this new ending. And Star Wars fans are likely to leave the theater feeling manhandled and very much ripped off.

    If you're a Chris Marquette fan, you might wanna know that these changes will affect a lot of his scenes since he plays the character who suffered from cancer in the original version. So if you prefer seeing Chris being both hilariously funny and emotionally moving instead of him just geeking out in what has been called "Superbad with nerdier characters" and a completely empty story, you can actively help us fight these changes.

    If, like us, you think that what The Weinstein Company is doing is wrong, distasteful and misguided, please join the group of fans who've formed their own Rebel Alliance to take on the TWC Death Star and fight Darth Weinstein to the bitter end. Help us save this movie we've all been anticipating for so long.

    Check out their website ( and their MySpace page (

    Please e-mail the list of TWC employees to let them know that you're unhappy with these developments, the Stop Darth Weinstein website will tell you how. Also, please join the Stop Darth Weinstein MySpace community and leave a comment. Post your own opinion online and stay vocal with your discontent. If we can mobilize enough people, maybe we can right a few wrongs and bring about a change of heart.

    May The Force Be With The Real Version Of Fanboys!

    Stop Darth Weinstein website:
    Stop Darth Weinstein MySpace page:

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