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  • He was appeared in the show 7th Heaven and Joan of Arcadia.

    I like him too much the way he acts and speech a certain dialogue. He is a kind of actor who you see in the screen can hold the show without saying. I was amazed the way he performs in the show Joan of Arcadia as Adam.. He show in how great is he really is as a secret admirer of Joan, helping, and protecting her in times of difficulties.They are both giving talents but in different ways and purpose.I shall support him as a fan to his career because of his great performance in acting and well diligence in his role.
  • A true chameleon

    This guy is a true chameleon. If you've seen him in "The Girl Next Door" (as quirky Eli), "Joan of Arcadia" (as soft-spoken Adam), "Miracles" (as tortured Travis), "The Tic Code" (as Miles, suffering from Tourette Syndrome) and the clips from "Alpha Dog" (as evil stoner kid Keith), then you'll know what I mean.

    Chris has great talent, I sure hope he's gonna get the credit he deserves. I certainly hope he's gonna be cast in better things than that silly "Just Friends" movie. And it's time he got his first lead role in "Calvin Marshall" that's coming up.

    Yay for Chris, keep up the good work and the viewers and fans will honor it.

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  • christopher is hot! he is very funny in the movie "just friends", above all he is just adorable!

    he is funny in the movie "just friends" that movie shows off his great talents! he looks like a kind of guy that acts funny at some times and then later is the sweetest! maybe one day i'll meet him and see what he is like! LA HERE I COME!!!!