Christopher Martin

Christopher Martin


7/10/1962, Jamaica, Queens, New York City, New York, USA

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Also Known As

Kid N' Play, Kid 'N Play, Christopher 'Play' Martin, Play, Kid-N-Play
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  • Play call himself a minister. He date a young lady in Durham NC who is rude and nasty to people. That is not Godly. God don't bless mess.

    I went to get my mom mail from the house she us to live in. My mom was nice enough to move out so, this lady could move me. My mom didnot have to move at that time because her house was not ready and she was on section 8 housing. I thought I would knock on the door to inform the lady I was coming to get my mom mail. She yell out, I heard about you get away from my door. She did'nt say that when she needed to move quick. This lady, play girlfriend start flipping on me for no reason. All I wanted was some mail. Then, she start lying when the police came. I sat their to wait on the police. I did nothing wrong. Play suppose to have this ministry going and he date a female like that and very judgemental without knowing the real truth about people. She had already judge my mom and mom was never the problem. A christian person never judge a person. They seek God for answer. They don't curse like that women did. She say how she was bless by God. God don't bless mess. I wonder if his ministry real or fake. She smile in my mom face thanking her for moving so she can move in the house my mom was staying in. They did't know my mom paid to move in a house that was not ready yet, so this lady could move in. That is the thanks she gets. I guess everybody is ok when they don't have what they want yet. Then, when they get they change forms. The demon appears. Then, she lied and said she did't tell me to get the mail. My sister rolled down the window and told the officer yes she did say it and why lie. This is what play like I understand the downfall of him. She was cursing like a champ. Her son told her to leave it along and let me get the mail. She told him to shut up. Because, she date a celebrity they can treat anybody any kind of way. God said,no. God fights my mom battle for her and she never worry about waht people say about her. She still help and keep a smile. Even when we get her in mess she had nothing to do with. She take the fall for us. She try to love everybody and the sweetest person you will ever meet. All this was un called for Play. Seek God before you judge. Ask God to show you what really happen. Then, you can understand how I felt about being curse out for my mail.moreless