Christopher Massey

Christopher Massey


1/26/1990, Atlanta, Georgia

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Christopher is an African-American actor who is best known for his role on Zoey 101. In the past, Christopher has done three voice-overs for the movies: Stuart Little 2, Death to Smoochie and the Nickelodeon-based show, Noggin. Christopher was featured in two major films, Big Mama's House and…more


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    • Chris: (about the atmosphere on Zoey 101) We're definitely all best friends. We do the craziest things on set. We all have a good time.

    • Chris: (about his character on Zoey 101) Michael is kind of like a middle man guy. He doesn't really have any enemies. He's pretty much liked by everybody. He's kind of like me in a way. He doesn't like to start anything, but he doesn't want anything to get out of hand.

    • Chris: (when asked what makes Zoey 101 different from other kids' shows) I think a lot of shows, sometimes kids can relate to them, sometimes kids can't. This show, a lot of kids would like to be in the position of the characters, going to PCA. Every fan that comes up to us is always like, where is PCA? I want to go. We're like, no it's not a real school, and they're like, oh man. But they love that feeling of being at a boarding school, you're parents are not around. They want to relate to it. I think it's pretty cool because it allows them to think about the stuff that they could do there.

  • Chris is a great actor!

    Who couldn't like Chris? He is an awesome actor, one of the best, and I really like his actingon Zoey 101, as Micheal Barret. Really great, I think they should make a spinoff of 101, with him as the main character. I'd watch that show!

    So, this review is mainly on his acting on Zoey 101, because that's really all I've seen him on, and that's enough. His acting is so great on that show, he might be the best, behind Sean Flynn, who plays Chase. Congrats, Chris, for being one of the best actors on Zoey 101!

    10 out of 10, he is a great actor.moreless
  • SEXY!!!

    Can I say one word SEXY! This boy is so fine! First of all I would like to say tht for one he is very handsome. He is an extraordinary actor and a perfect role models for teens everwhere, especially African Americans. He and his brother together are a dynamic duo. They both are extraordinary actors. I enjoy watching both act. I would LOVE to meet both of them one day. I wish for that to be my 16th birthday gift. It would be a dream conme true. I absolutely love them both. They are both funny, charming, handsome, and I could go on and on. Keep up the good work guys 'cause u got many fans out there including me. And don't worry 'bout the haterz they just make u stronger. Let the haterz hate 'cause they don't make u or break u. Prove to the haterz that they motivate you. Tell themback down! Peace from the one and only CrucianGyal92.moreless