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  • Chris is a great actor!

    Who couldn't like Chris? He is an awesome actor, one of the best, and I really like his actingon Zoey 101, as Micheal Barret. Really great, I think they should make a spinoff of 101, with him as the main character. I'd watch that show!

    So, this review is mainly on his acting on Zoey 101, because that's really all I've seen him on, and that's enough. His acting is so great on that show, he might be the best, behind Sean Flynn, who plays Chase. Congrats, Chris, for being one of the best actors on Zoey 101!

    10 out of 10, he is a great actor.
  • SEXY!!!

    Can I say one word SEXY! This boy is so fine! First of all I would like to say tht for one he is very handsome. He is an extraordinary actor and a perfect role models for teens everwhere, especially African Americans. He and his brother together are a dynamic duo. They both are extraordinary actors. I enjoy watching both act. I would LOVE to meet both of them one day. I wish for that to be my 16th birthday gift. It would be a dream conme true. I absolutely love them both. They are both funny, charming, handsome, and I could go on and on. Keep up the good work guys 'cause u got many fans out there including me. And don't worry 'bout the haterz they just make u stronger. Let the haterz hate 'cause they don't make u or break u. Prove to the haterz that they motivate you. Tell themback down! Peace from the one and only CrucianGyal92.
  • Great actor.

    Christopher Massey is one great actor. He was born on January 26, 1990 in Atlanta, Georgia. He is not the only one in his family that is actor, but his brother also is. Kyle Massey is his brother. He was on That's So Raven and now has his own show, Cory in the House. I've gotta say that he is more famous than Chris, although I do think Chris is a better actor. But only by a little. Anyways, he is best known as playing Michael Barret on Zoey 101. I like his character. So all in all, a really good actor and he should be on TV more. My 400th review!
  • Average.

    Christopher Massey is a quite talented teenager, who does not have enough roles! Amazingly enough, the only show I have seen him on is the hit Nick show Zoey 101, the show about the teenage show about a boarding school in America with all different characters and personalaties. In the show Zoey 101, he has been in for every season so far, and he is a central character. On Zoey 101 he played Michael, one of the main guys in show who was basically a side-kick, but he was still really good in his role. If he played a different character, then I think he would be able to show off his talent. A good person.
  • jamal massey,kyle massey,tommy dixon,saniah dainels,janeane massey, shavon massey,

    well this is how my story starts okay i was born september 22 1992 i grew up in georgia now i live in chester pa at 700east 23rd street.about kyle massey i want to meet him so bad because he is my cousin and i love him he is my idol.tommy dixon is my nephew he is very generous.saniah daniels is my niece she is very smart.about my mine mom janeane massey she is my heart i love her to death.i hope kyle massey reads this cause i love him kyle massey my number is 610-499-9258.i love my whole generation specialty kyle massey.
  • awesome

    He and Sean remind of two mischeavious little kids, like partners in crime or something especially when I saw the video of when they played the prank on Matthew Underwood. I don't know much about Chris Massey but he seems cool.

    He always gets the funniest parts on Zoey 101. Running from french people, getting tortured by the school nurse, being addicted to potato chips.

    I love Chris hes so hilarious!
  • Christopher Massey is soooo cute and a good actor too.

    I think he should have his own show. That way his fans don\'t have to try to look for him on Zoey 101 or commercials to see him acting. I hope to see him on his own show soon and with some new actor or actress, in that case he could get his publicity and so could a newly starting actor or actress.
    Chris and his Brother Kyle did really good in \"Five Finger Discount\", an episode on That\'s So Raven Guest starring Chris, and i think that if Chris doesn\'t get his own show with a new actor or actress (hopefully not his girlfriend) then he should get a show with his younger brother.
  • Christopher Massey is so HOT and talented!

    Christopher Massey is so hot! He is talented and has the total package. One of the reasons I watch Zoey 101 is to see Christopher. He did a great job starring in The Lion King. I think he should get more roles in movies because he would add something that is new and fresh to the screen. I absolute love Chrisopher Massey and i hope to meet him one day.
  • Chris Massey is....

    Chris Massey is a great actor. Goldendragon500 you need to shut up. You are obvessly jealous so shut up! Okat Chris and his brother are doing a wondrful job. Golden dsragon are you prejudice? I'm just asking because you really sound like you don't like Chris because he is black. You really need som help.PEACE!
  • I love Christopher Massey!! I just love him. He does agreat job acting. I can't get enough of him. He's one of the main reasons I watch Zoey 101. Just to see his beautiful face. He did a good job in the first season. He's gonna do good next season.

    I love Christopher Massey!! I just love him. He does agreat job acting. I can't get enough of him. He's one of the main reasons I watch Zoey 101. Just to see his beautiful face. He did a good job in the first season. He's gonna do good next season.
  • Chris is one of those actors who are really good, but just need to get the right roles. Click continue for more.

    Christopher Massey IS NOT just famous because of his brother, Kyle Massey. Kyle isn't just famous because of Chris. I think thats what sets this duo apart from the likes of the Simpson Sisters, the Hilton sisters (who are famous for no reason), and such. Both of the boys are extremely talented. I like Chris in Zoey 101... he's fabulous. I think that one day Chris will be very well known and liked for the work he does. I think that it is awesome that he was in Lion King. Although I did not see him in it, I'm sure he did an amazing job.

  • Christopher Massey is very talented.

    Christopher Massey is a very talented actor if ya ask me. I enjoy seeing him on the tv show "Zoey 101". He really is the more talented co-star!!!!He is actually more talented than his lil' bro Kyle. But I think that his best role was on "Zoey 101" when he ate all those sugar free chips then fell out at the frisbee golf game. The next generation of actors!!!!
  • Christopher Massey is a handsome Boy!

    Christopher Massey is a handsome and fine boy!I kind of think he deserves his own show also! He has a great sense of humor which I definitely look for in a boy! I have never seen a boy who could look good and have a great personality at the same time! So I decided to give him a 7.3!