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  • SEXY!!!

    Can I say one word SEXY! This boy is so fine! First of all I would like to say tht for one he is very handsome. He is an extraordinary actor and a perfect role models for teens everwhere, especially African Americans. He and his brother together are a dynamic duo. They both are extraordinary actors. I enjoy watching both act. I would LOVE to meet both of them one day. I wish for that to be my 16th birthday gift. It would be a dream conme true. I absolutely love them both. They are both funny, charming, handsome, and I could go on and on. Keep up the good work guys 'cause u got many fans out there including me. And don't worry 'bout the haterz they just make u stronger. Let the haterz hate 'cause they don't make u or break u. Prove to the haterz that they motivate you. Tell themback down! Peace from the one and only CrucianGyal92.