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    hes so attractive
  • The Grass is not always greener!

    Ever notice for the most part that great tv actors like Meloni who leave a stable show to do you never see them again! I hope thiis is not the case with ol SVU just is NOT the same without him. He n Mariska had trememdous chemistry. Not the same with her and Danny P. (Although Pino too was great in Cold Case! ) Some actors just make great I wish him the best and i hope he made a wise career move! Quite a loss for SVU though!
  • I do wish he would return to law and order

    He is a GREAT ACTOR I wish he would return to law and order or have another series on .
  • I do wish he would return to law and order

    He is a GREAT ACTOR I wish he would return to law and order or have another series on .
  • Great actor in all he does.

    Chirs is an exclent person and actor. He seems to be a wonderful father and husband. He plays a great cop in SVU. Chirs can even be funny. He needs more parts in SVU. I loved him in "Runaway Bride". I wish he would go and do more movies like that but he can't I guess because of his work on SVU. I also feel he is underrated.
  • I so Love this Man, lol


    what an awesome actor I was hooked with OZ, and tofind most of the main charactors from OZ on this show as a detectiveat one point or another was awesome the show will never be the same without you on it, I for one have already stopped watching

  • Chris Meloni is the BEST as Eliott Stabler. There is no one who could take his place. You are AWESOME!

    Christopher Meloni:
    Awesome, Professional, Sexy, Gorgeous, Committed, Loving, Caring, Team Player who has his own style partnererd with Mariska. Both with other cast members will be missed real bad if Law & Order SVU is to end...........Love Chris and the show. Could watch every day til the end of my life. There isn't many shows I watch (only about 5). I look forward to my time spent with Chris, Mariska and the rest of the cast. Elliot and Olivia are some of my favorite actors.....I Absolutely look so forward to your Marathons, I watch them ALL & will continue to watch as long as they are broadcasted
  • Super actor. Glad he got back with his wife again.( on the show) He lives in my home town. My daughter saw him in the park- huge fan, but she kept her cool so he could have his privacy. :)

    Super actor. He has the energy, the looks and ability to keep the show another 100 seasons.
    Christopher Meloni can run and keep up with his partner :) at all times. They make an excellent team. Please keep them together. If there were ever a season finale- maybe they should hook up.
    (you know they want to)
    My family records and watches the show over and over.

    Super actor. Glad he got back with his wife again.( on the show)
    He lives in my home town. My daughter saw him in the park- huge fan, but she kept her cool so he could have his privacy. :)
  • Love him as Detective Stabler!

    Mr. Meloni is fantastic as Detective Elliot Stabler. It's been a roller coaster ride watching his television life unfold from the beginning. He's been faced with a lot at work, but also at home. He's been at the highest of highs and the lowest of lows and yet he still manages to continue on. As an actor, he is able to cover a wide variety of situations and emotions. He is absolutely believable, which is the real measuring stick of any actor. Does he/she come across as believable? Or does it appear he's just acting? In Meloni's case, if you didn't know better, you would think he actually was Detective Stabler.
  • Perfect for playing Stabler

    Christopher Meloni is the perfect man for the job. As Elliot Stabler he just kicks butt. no one could have been as perfect a fit as him. He fits into character as much as Matthew Gray Gubler fits in as Agent Spencer Reid. Now he is also hottish and I know this show will just keep on going and It will last a very long time, so we will be able to see his acting career open up to different shows and he may even guest star on some of the best shows. I can see him doing some really amazing things as an actor.
  • Christopher Meloni is a great actor who deserves more positive attention and chances to show how good he is!

    The first time I watched Law & Order SVU I was immediately drawn to Chris Meloni. His smiling, twinkling eyes and the way he held himself commanded attention.

    Obviously he got lots of notice in HBO's OZ, which he did a wonderful job on also. But he was also known for, how can we say it, everything they showed (or what they didn't cover it.)

    SVU has given him the chance to grow in so many ways. From the first episode to the latest one, he has continually added layers on to his character. He had a big chance to grow when his TV wife packed up, took the children and left him. I felt as if he was cheated some this year with the writing and the promotions. We Stabler fans waited for the episode where he was supposedly blinded, but it was just something small where they could sit him out of most of the episode. That was another chance they could have given him to shine some more. I hope they give us more of the Stabler we have come to count on.
  • He is an amazing actor who is multi-talented. He is great at just about any role that he chooses although he is most well-known for playing Detective Elliot Stabler on Law and Order: SVU.

    Christopher Meloni is an extremely talented actor who can take on just about any role. He is great whether he is doing comedy, drama or action. He knows how to portray the necessary emotions to make a character come alive. Chris is really good at making the viewer seem as if they really know the character. He can do so many versatile roles and has so many different aspects to his acting. Many of those good qualities can be seen on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. His character Elliot Stabler is very emotional and Christopher Meloni allows the viewer to really get to know him. Superb!
  • Christopher Meloni is best known for playing Elliot Stabler on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

    Christopher was born Christopher Peter Meloni on April 2, 1961 in Washington, D.C. Before launching his acting career, he worked as a construction worker, bartender, and a personal trainer. His first role was playing Johnny Gunn on 1st and Ten in 1989. On July 1, 1995, he married production designer Sherman Williams. In 1999, he fueled his acting career by landing the role of Detective Elliot Stabler in Law & Order:SVU. On March 23, 2001, he had his first child with wife Sherman Williams, daughter named Sophia Eva Pietra. Law & Order:SVU co-star Mariska Hargitay is Christopher's daughter's godmother. Christopher's height is 6' 0 1/2"(1.84m). His astrological sign is Aries. Christopher is often credited in films by his alias name Chris Meloni. Meloni's sister is a Washington social worker, and his brother Robert is a Virginia accountant. I think Christopher plays Detective Elliot Stabler very well. In my opinion, he is rated a 9. I hope to continue to watch him on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.
  • Very talented!

    Chris Meloni is a very talented actor. I think that he deserves a lot more credit for all of his hard work and effort that he puts into acting.

    He does an excellent job on SVU. (Which is my all-time favorite show!) Elliot Stabler is my favorite character on SVU, and I really hope that Chris continues to play Elliot Stabler after the 10th season. Chris also has done a really good job on Oz. Although I haven't seen many episodes, I do think that his work on Oz is very good, and that he really should be a little more recognized for all of his work.

    Chris is an excellent actor, but he is very underrated. I really hope that he does get a little more recognized for his work soon.

  • Good Actor

    WOW! He's kinda underated as an actor. I feel bad for him because he's a very good one. He proved very beautifuly his skills in OZ (with this show he convinced me) and I think he can do a lot better if he's given the oportunity. And not to mention he is pretty good looking. Anyway, the main line is that he has talent and it's too bad he's not that recognized. Christopher can do a looot better (as I already said). You just have to watch him in OZ and you will think about him exactly as I do now. Believe me.
  • Chris Meloin is an amazing actor. We all know him as Det. Elliot Stabler on Law and Order:SVU

    Chris Meloni is an amazing actor who has such a big heart and is so selfless. That goes the same with his partner, Mariska Hargaty. Not only are they partners on the show but they are each others acting partners as well. I think that is one of the many reasons that they work amazingly together and the reason they are SUCH good friends. You can see the chemistry between the characters as well as the actors. Stabler and Benson are not two people they act as one. Chris makes you feel the passion that he feels while playing Det. Elliot Stabler. You can really feel his emotions as an actor and how important this show is to him. When he did not win his Emmy he just said that he was just happy that he was nominated and got the recognition for his role. AS he said know what you do is the most important and that he love what you do, you do not need some award to tell you how good you are. Mariska has said that she has given him her own personally award.

    Chris and Mariska Quotes

    Question: What do you enjoy best about playing opposite Mariska Hargitay?
    Chris Meloni: She's a big bundle of good energy. We have a wonderful chemistry together, both on and off screen. Pure joy.

    Question: Now how do you feel about Mariska? Dish.
    Chris: I love her immeasurably. The limited time I have here would never give my feelings justice.

    "I love to act. I need to act. It's the big itch I need to scratch." - Chris Meloni

    "Meloni and Hargitay -- who play partners Elliot Stabler and Olivia Benson -- trade playful kisses and clown around by bumping bellies." - article from the Bergen Record.

    "In one day your whole life changes. Chris Meloni's my life and I don't sleep." Mariska Hargitay

    Question: Do you think Mariska is hot?
    Chris: Hell yes!

    "It's not easy and he's not easy. But there is a safety net that, as hard as it is when we clash, I know that it's going to be good." Mariska Hargitay, Venice magazine interview

    "I think Chris Meloni sets the bar so high for telling the truth. I trust him. He is disciplined; he cares so much that it's like I go to work every day with a sense of security." Mariska Hargitay, Venice magazine interview

    Question: Are you allergic to anything?
    Chris: Idiots and boorish people

    Question: Who on the set of SVU have you do you feel closest to?
    Chris: I think Belzer and Mariska.

    Question: How freaking FABULOUS is Mariska Hargitay?
    Chris: Look up the word in the dictionary and you see her picture.

    "I knew he'd get the part as soon as I saw him at audition." - Mariska about Chris

    "He's the perfect package. Smart, good-looking and so filled with fire. He was bound to finally explode. " Mariska about Chris

    "I don't believe in smug, sanctimonious idiots so I would not play Jerry Falwell." - Chris Meloni

    He doesn't wear underwear." - Mariska about Chris

    "When Chris auditioned, he was so bizarre, there was no way I was willing to let anybody else have that role." - David Wain, director of Wet Hot American Summer

    "There's something about those two and how close they are without there being anything sexual that makes you believe that there are still beautiful things in the world amidst all the chaos. Their friendship is truly beautiful." - describing Mariska and Chris's relationship

    Mariska: "Now's not the time Chris."
    Chris: "It's always the time."
    - Chris and Mariska on the Today show, when Chris hugged her on air.

    "I spend more time with her than anyone else." - Chris on Mariska

    "I spend more time with Chris than his wife." - Mariska

    "I think it should be a law that CM and MH should have to appear in a new picture together every week or so, and we could call it art and justify it by saying that they are beautifying the world."

    “I just gotta say, my nipples are hard as rocks, so I can only imagine what yours must be like!” - Chris to Mariska

    What's it like working with Chris?
    He's one of the most intense, focused, passionate truth seekers I have ever known. He cares so much about acting that he's a true inspiration to all of us who do this. He embodies the notion of someone who lives in his own skin and is totally comfortable with himself. Being on the show with him – and working with him – is like having a big safety net because he's so pure. I think that's the highest compliment I could give to anyone. - Mariska

    How do you feel about awards, especially with regard to the way your show has not been recognized to the extent some believe it deserves?
    Getting the recognition would be great, but it's like I already gave Chris an Emmy, and he knows that. When you know you're doing something good, you don't need that extra thing. The SAG nomination was very bittersweet for me because I feel that he and I are acting partners as well as partners on the show. I couldn't have done it without him. He's my other half, whether that's good, bad or sick. We've been doing this for five years; I don't think I could do the show without him. - Mariska

    What's it like working with Mariska?
    It's been a very good, fulfilling, interesting journey. We've had a lot of great fights, a lot of great vacations together, and I think our pairing has had a profound effect on both of us in our personal lives as well as our professional lives. I think we've learned a lot from each other, and that will be a nice thing to walk away with once this ride ends. - Chris

    Meloni is the prototypical alpha male, the cocksure rogue who takes the measure of every room he enters and promptly makes it his own. But his impassioned disquisitions on acting make it clear that inside beats the heart of an artist. And Hargitay's beautiful, bubbly exterior belies depths of empathy and vulnerability that fuel her portrayal of Benson, whose anguish as the child of a rape is both an asset and a liability on the job. - Article from Emmy Magazine

    "I doubt it seriously, but hey, stranger things have happened. I'd get it on with Benson. Sure, bring her on! I'm not afraid." --Chris Meloni regarding the possibilities of an on-the-job romance

    "Anywhere you go with Mariska, the parade follows." - Chris
    "He's my other half, be it good, bad or sick." - Mariska about Chris

    "Chris's daughter is in my wedding party and she's walking down the aisle first - don't make me cry (she cries). I love Chris's daughter like I'd love my own. I don't want to get too personal about Chris, but he's inspired me so much as a parent." - Mariska

    "I'm so close to Chris Meloni; it was a toss-up whether he was going to give me away or my dad, but in the end my dad won!" - Mariska

    "It ain't wrong! It ain't wrong! I paid my dues!" --Chris Meloni on getting to work with Mariska Hargitay

    "Hot detective love. Is it wrong?" - Chris Meloni about his now infamous lip lock with Mariska

    Question: Mariska said your daughter was in her wedding. How did they both look?
    Meloni: The most beautiful women in the room: my wife, Sophia, Mariska.

    Question: I got a thing for Mariska. Any chance her marriage won't work out?
    Meloni: For $50,000 I'll sabotage the **** outta that relationship.

    "I'm just a chick who likes shiny things." - Mariska

    "Hargitay jumps on Meloni's back; he playfully grabs her butt." - article

    "We really just hit it off. We walked in to the screen test laughing. We said, 'Hold on a second,' and I finished telling her a story. The producers were like 'Wow, nice chemistry.'" - Chris about his first meeting with Mariska.

    Question: On that subject, I noticed in a response to a previous question regarding the photos of Benson and Stabler's 'prelude to a kiss' - you said that you and Mariska were just joking around while shooting promos. Is that true - is there really no smooching to look forward to?
    Meloni: Only if you catch us in my trailer. this show is to him. Q: What is your favorite sexual position?
    Chris: One that involves my genitalia.

    Mariska: (when asked what it was like to work with Chris Meloni) He is simply amazing. One of the most passionate, dedicated, talented actors I've ever worked with. He's a genius. And a hot one at that.

    (On whether or not he's sick of talking about his Oz costar Lee Tergesen): "Talking about Lee is like eating a big fat chocolate sundae. I know it's bad for me, but I can't help myself. I catch myself doing it all the time, or dreaming about it. I'm trying to quit cause it's ruining my girlish figure and I can't fit into any of my clothes the way I used to..."

    CM: I don't walk around with a halo above my head or any kind of sainthood. But there is a power - a beautiful, a wonderful byproduct.

    Christopher Meloni: (on life)
    I believe in doing ones best not to **** with others because it's just not nice to do- I've fallen short of that goal many times but it is always a philosophy that is with me.

    Christopher Meloni: (on sexuality)
    I may be a sarcastic **** at times but I think anybody who knows me would know sexual orientation is so irrelevant to me and the friends in my life. Also I think being in the "arts" I am surrounded by gay bi etc and most all have made their peace with who or what they are- it's a non issue.

    Christopher Meloni: (on co star Marika Hargitay reaction to his Emmy nomination)
    She was funny, because she was the salty old veteran giving me loving advice. "See Chris, now this is the truth. You have been nominated, and that's the truth." Whenever I didn't get nominated, and everyone around me would be disappointed, I would say, "Look, I tell you truthfully, it's fine. Awards don't mean anything." But then once it happens... Mariska was kind of my Zen master. So I embraced it and accepted it and said, "Yes, it is the way."

    Mariska: (on Chris’s Emmy nomination) I was crying, I was so happy. And he goes, ‘So what, I sucked the first few years?’

    Christopher Meloni: (on going back to be Elliot Stabler after a break) I put the jacket on, strap the gun on the hip, and it's there. After nearly seven years, it's almost Pavlovian.

    Christopher Meloni: (on the demands of 'SVU')
    After nine months of the SVU season - 15-hour days, every day - you're just ... more liquid than solid. You're done. They really have to pour you into a wheelbarrow and take you home and say, 'See you in three months'. It feels like I'm in boot camp. I mean, it has been this ... this beautifully hellish experience.

    Christopher Meloni: (on his future in 'SVU')
    I’ve never worked so hard, having come in already pretty banged up, and there’s also an accumulative effect of doing it for over six years. You’re limping a little bit. It’ s hard to say that but it’s the truth. You get mentally and emotionally beat up.

    Christopher Meloni: (on the strangest place he's had sex)
    In a bathroom stall in a women's room in a nightclub.

    Christopher Meloni: (on what he's complimented on)
    My ass or my eyes. My smile. Or my ass.

    Christopher Meloni: (what kind of underwear he wears)
    I hang loose.

    Christopher Meloni: (on co-star Mariska Hargitay’s 2006 Emmy win):
    That’s my girl. She’s busy breastfeeding now, so she’s also glad she got a chance to show off her new breasts!

    Mariska: “When you see a girl like me bustin' perps, there ain't no time to be pretty.”

    Mariska: "I thought, you can't be up here and not play golf, because it's so gorgeous. So I went out and tried to hit some balls."
    Talking about learning to play golf.

    Mariska: "I have a T-shirt that is the most beautiful blue that my husband made for me with a big "S" on it. It's short for a name that my husband named me. But I won't tell you what it is."
    Talking about her favourite thing in her wardrobe.
  • -Elliot-

    Chris Meloni was also a star of Law and ORder Special Victims Unit. He started out as the main person. even now, everything that happens revolves around him. its obvious that hes torn between his wife and kids, and olviia. Everyone wants him and olivia to get together, but this character has a family. Chris signed on to SVU at the very begining and has stayed on full time ever since. He doesnt have many other big roles in movies or tv. He made a small scene in harold and kumar go to white castle, and plans to be in the second one. Chris is also a canidate for standing up for Anti-prejudice, as well as the enviroment. Speaking whats on his mind all the time is what makes him different. he cares, and it shows. I hope to see much more of chris after his sad departure from SVU.
  • Pretty good actor

    Meloni is a really great actor. I like his style, like Hagarty, he brings personality to his character, and makes the show's he's on more enjoyable. I always took forward to seeing law and order svu, because of mariska and him, they are amazing together. I like how he brings emotion to his parts, and makes the show spicier, and alot more powerfull and inspiring to watch. I like how stabler is the good cop/bad cop on the show, it's pretty cool to see him play those differnt roles in character. I hope to see him in more tv shows soon.
  • empty

    Great actor, I have seen him in a lot of movies but I also know a lot from his work in Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, and I think that he is one of the best actors in the series, his style is very cool, and he is always the one that struggles personal with professional problems. He is just one great actor.
  • empty

    Christopher Meloni who plays Detective Elliot Stabler on Law and Order: SVU is one of the most telented actors in all 4 of the Law and Order dramas. When he puts his mind to his character, it's like he is not acting. Sometimes I don't always 'love' his character but I still think that the the acting behind it is absoloutely brilliant!
  • Christopher Meloni is a great actor who has looks and charm as well as brains.

    I have watched the Oz episodes and seen that Chris Meloni was indeed Chris Keller. He looked good even then. I just absolutely adore Chris in his portrayal of Elliot Stabler on Law and Order SVU. He and Mariska Hargitay are the perfect co-stars. I am glad that he got a raise for his acting on L&O SVU because it would not be the same without Chris or Mariska. I think he is a wonderful person for being part of the Child Advocacy Center and part of the AIDS Walk In New York. I think Chris Meloni needs to have a bigger role on L&O SVU and I would personally like to see more of what his childhood and life before he became a cop was like.
  • Christopher Meloni, Is one of my fave guys, I love his role on Law N Order suv.I never miss a show.

    Christopher Meloni, is a awesome hot actor.He plays a role of a suv dective very well, as a role of a loving father very well.He has a cute smile, and he looks very sexy in a sute with a gun .I love it when he, goes off on the prups.I also enjoy the parts of him at home.The show it self is awesome, the story line is very good, but Meloni makes it better, Ice T funny, and still keeps his gansta of him.But no one is, or can be, well ever be, well match up to, the one and only Christopher Meloni, of Law n Order SUV.
    If I had one wish, I would wish for a 100 more, so one of my first wishes would be to meet Meloni and sit on the set of the bset show on T.V Law N Order.SUV. WE Love You Christopher Meloni Your The Best!

    Your Number One Fan
    Christina Of WV
  • Christopher Meloni stars in Oz, Law and Order:SVU, NYPD Blue, and several other movies.

    Christopher Meloni is possibly one of the most underrated actors ever. He, in my opinion, is more talented than any A-list movie star [well maybe a close second to Tom Hanks]. Not only is he amazingly good looking, but he is also generous. He played for charity on 3+ occasions including two appearences on Celebrity Poker Showdown and one appearence on Celecrity Jeopardy. He also hasa wide array of fans. According to him, Oz "got him the gay guys" and SVU "got him the girls". I think Chris should be recognised more, especially at awards shows. He definately should have won that Emmy and several golden globes. Hottest actor ever. Ever.
  • How do I say this...He rocks!!!

    Without Chris SVU would be well, dull. There is probably no other man that could play Elliot Stabler the way we have grown to love him. Catching all that raw emotion and enger is something he does very well, a reason why so many tune in to watch SVU. When I first started watching SVU it was because it was a detective show, but now I watch it because of Chris, and his character. He is one of my favorite actors and I think that if he were to ever stop acting in Law&Order: SVU that I would have to stop watching the show, what would it have left?
  • I have enjoyed him ever since I first saw him in the Tv movie \"In a Child\'s Name\" with Valerie Bertinelli. He played a minor role as her husband but he still managed to shine in his portrayal of a loving and supportive husband.

    With the portrayals of his two roles on \"Oz\" and\"Law and Order: SVU\", Christopher Meloni has managed to play both sides of the legal fence with ease. He is just as compelling as the family man and detective Eliot Stabler as he was as the calculating and scheming inmate Chris Keller.
  • Meloni's acting ability is often underrated - given his lack of exposure on popular TV shows, until SVU

    Meloni only gets better - each role he takes on showing more and more of his talent and his comfortabilty with the camera.

    Meloni first came to my attention in <i> Bound </i> and since then, each role he has taken on has only furthered my appreication of this star. Not only is he able to bring out the depth of the characters he plays - even in small roles - his ability to switch from role to role and take on projects others may scoff at, makes him one of the most versitle actors around. Also, the fact that Meloni hasn't let fame go to his head - beside his sucess and let's face it; very good looks - means that this actors career still has a long way to go.
  • I know it's cliche... but this man is gorgeous

    Ok so i am just going to start off by saying that this man is really really hott, and if u have ever seen him shirtless you will understand why... But he is more than just a pretty face with the body of a greek god.. he is a very talented actor... his is able to play many roles that include everything from Bisexual Prisoner to Dumb Jock to Creepy camp consulor to not-so-funny doctor to his most famous role of Hardcore-in-ur-face, catch the perp no anyway possible dectective...

    i am not just being "boy-crazy" when i talk about this man... He deserved the Emmy nod, he didn't deserve the actual award even tho Ripped was awesome...

    ok so i am done rambling...
  • he is just way to hot!

    Okay he is just a perfect 10. French Canadian and Italian o my lord! From Oz to Law and Order SVU and various movies like Wet Hot American Summer, White Castle, Runaway Bride and so much more he is just a succesful story... I didnt even go to how handsome he is. His body could make an angel want to cheat. I think he is so talented and has a great life with his wife sherman and his two kids Sofia and Dante. He is just going down a succesful and charming path. If only we all could be this lucky. :)
  • One word...CUTE!!!!

    Christopher Meloni...............awwwwww!!!The hottist detective ever lol!!!My role model>>and if you watch SVU you know who these ppl are!!!!!!!They play the finist cops in NYC and boy they sure are that indeed lol!!!!I know im obsessed with SVU but come on if you have ever watched it you know how addictive it is!!Mostly because of him and his partner Det.Olivia Benson(Mariska Hargitay)!!They look so cute together and can you blame em either?They are both gorges!!!!And can fight them perps better than any det. ive ever seen!!!And going back into the interrigation room with them would be very scary!!!lo!!!
  • He is my favorite on SVU.

    Christopher Meloni is such a talented actor. From OZ to Runaway Bride to SVU. He is great in the comedy roles but I will always love him as Elliot Stabler. Question though, does he not wear his wedding ring in public? I am watching him on the Celebrity Poker show and he doesn't have it on. Christopher and Mariska have the best chemistry. I would love to see him get an award for his skill in working on SVU. Falsely Accused is one of my favorite movies. he did really well in it. Wet Hot American Summer, so hilarious. I cannot wait until the next season of SVU is here. I could stare into those blue eyes forever.
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